February 2014, where are things with Ouya support?

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  • Hi everyone,

    I am an Ouya owner and fan. I would LOVE to be able to publish a game for the Ouya using C2. I see the export option with CocoonJS, but I wonder if it's possible to actually use CocoonJS to publish an Ouya game with proper control support?

    If the first question is a Yes, then the other big question is if that is possible, do we have access to everything we need to publish a game that can be sold in the Ouya store like any other?

    Lastly, if thats also a yes, what about F2P options? Although I'd be more interested in the more common shareware model, it wouldn't hurt to know about options.



  • Bump, I would really like to know if anyone has a game made by C2 on the Ouya store.

  • I will probably throw my Flappy Hal on there in the next week. Since there is no way for us to monetize on OUYA right now.

    Just yesterday Ludei answered me saying they have no plans for OUYA IAP support. Since OUYA is ad free, there is no way for us to sell games.

    Other than that, the CocoonJS compiler will make OUYA compatible APKs.

  • ArcadEd is right for the CJS support <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_sad.gif" alt=":(" title="Sad">

    However if you want there is an obscure Cordova plugin that supports IAP. With the Cordova plugin you can either use PhoneGap or Crosswalk compile.

    If you need help the maker of Sticky Sticky is willing to help.


    I can confirm it work because I bought the game.

  • So by IAP you also mean basic "unlock this game" actions won't work? I could live with not having currency style "coins" style IAP, but yea it would be important to be able to unlock a game.

    So the Cordova plugin you're talking about is an Ouya specific plugin?

    But yea it sounds its totally possible to release a product for Ouya and have it appear on the store, you would simply have to make it 100% free.



  • also what about ad services? Does the ouya allow games to have ads? I swear i think i've seen that before somewhere, but if i did it was a rare thing and I would imagine that if it was possible more folks would be implementing it.

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  • Sticky Sticky is not free. The game costs money to buy the whole game. He is using a cordova plugin to charge for the game.

    As I understand you can't have ads on an Ouya game

  • sooo. the design team had a lack of foresight?

    And the Ouya classic controller design kinda terrible?(no arguing here, but I think all dual analog PS/Xbox controllers are terrible)

    That's my impression from the article. I found it takes about 10minutes to implement a controller friendly design(per layout). Art of course takes longer.

    I also must point out. it's likely the game design team doesnt have a problem with GamePop, is because your going to have play the game with an IOS/Android device. Which of course then makes GamePop's controller for Touch based game really expensive. Otherwise if they were going to use GamePop's controller they would be in the same boat of having to design a classic controller menu anyways.

    Next we aren't in the same position. We don't actually have access to ODK, we have to use the browser bridge. Which means once the game works on the Ouya the game also works on the WiiU controller, PC controller and in the future maybe PS4/XOne. Where as the design team never planned for such possibility. it's pretty clear they designed there game as a touch style only..... though I never played the game.

  • Thank you so much for all of this info and insight!

    I don't want to get into a debate about the viability of the Ouya. It has it's flaws, but I still really like it and believe in what they are trying to accomplish.

    I just wanted to confirm if I can make something for it, sell it and make sure there was some proof that it had in fact been successfully achieved.

    My 5 year old son enjoys the system a lot and I'd like to make a platformer with him sometime and show him the game development process with a console.

    I found and installed Sticky Sticky. That's so cool. I'll definitely reach out to the creator. I wonder if sticky sticky can be updated to include the "buy it now" option they added. I'm sure he's probably moved on to other games by now though.

  • jayderyu/Part12studios - do you have a link to the Cordova iap plugin? I'd love to get my game onto the OUYA.

  • I do not, I haven't dug deeper yet. My question was more exploratory at this time, but I definitely have plans to get a project to the Ouya, I just wanted to be sure it was feasible to put a purchasable app out there. However, I too would love to find that link and secure it for the future.

  • colin Jones

    I wish I had it. I saw the plugin briedly before Cordova had the big website change. Ater that I haven't found the plugin again. However if you email the creator of Sticky Stick for the Ouya I'm sure he can help.

    My game hit the developer doldrum because i've been hit by technological limbo on Spriter for over a year. I had thought Character Maps would only take a few months after the first plugin release. not so. But with Character Maps coming around the corner odds are I will pick it up and polish off the game and release.

  • Thanks jayderyu and part12studios. I wondered why a websearch didn't bring up anything. If I find out any more I'll post. The lack of general info on Ouya IAPs for Construct is a little worrying, though.

  • Just a thought, and I'm sure that someone will have thought of it before, but is is it possible just to insert some Javascript code in our games to call IAPs? There's a code example here:http://forums.ouya.tv/discussion/1643/what-am-i-not-getting-about-iap

    I've not looked into including Javascript myself, but does anyone think it seems feasible?

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