February 2014, where are things with Ouya support?

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  • Cool, no i was serious about 22gb.. basically what Tim has made is an actual complete linux VMWare machine image that has the complete dev environment in order to create the APK for Ouya.. yea that's a serious download, but I believe they are looking to make it an amazon web service eventually possibly in the near future so it could be something we could access.. the idea is that with this VM you would then take the project source drop it in a folder. Basically the same as using a service like XDK, CocoonJS or what have you, you're simply doing all of the compiling with a local VM rather than using a web service.

    From what I gathered, while less convenient is basically a much truer conversion than going through one of these other services.. https://github.com/ouya/docs/blob/master/construct_2.md this is the 22gb linux image for VMWare.. you should be able to use the free version of VMWare to open this machine.. to dcompress it use tar zxvf the.tar.gz in the terminal

    Oh and yea basically what he's using is Chromium https://github.com/ouya/docs/blob/master/chromium.md to achieve the good results he's had so far.. but again this all uber-new to me.. I've never used VMWare (I'm fond of Parallels) and I don't mess with Linux, so I'm slow and this is a terrible week for me to get my more pressing work done let alone spend time exploring this, but I will be doing it soon.

    I'm very impressed with Tim's ability to help and he's one of the guys who's worked extensively with porting various tech to Ouya so C2 is something he's very familiar with and they are definitely doing their part to help bring all of this to us.. its just not quite 100% polished / documented yet but should be soon.

    Also my hope is that if they can really provide us with a clear path to solid Ouya porting, Scirra will step up and perhaps explore what they could do to help offer a real export option that might help the process be smoother and more streamlined.. rather than it continuing to be a kind of hack / fringe platform.



  • OUYA just recently changed their dev policies. No longer are you required to offer a free to play demo of your game, and then make it available to purchase using the OUYA iAP. Games can be published at a set price without offering a demo. I haven't really gone into it yet, but it seems like this is a good choice to just use CJS, and put a price tag on the app. Would be great if anyone can report experiences. I'll try it out this weekend.

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  • Awesome, yea that's good to know. It may be tough to crack any big sales without a demo, but it definitely does reduce the added dev complexity of implementing a working in-game purchase system. That said, I agree this would be how I would approach it at least at first.

    This does bring up a great question regarding how we could achieve the in-game purchase system through chromium. Phone gap works so if you have a game that is more event driven and not real-time, it could be a good solution.

    I'm busy with some other projects but i'm absolutely interested in seeing this process demystified.

  • For anyone interested in publishing to the Ouya, I'm happy to report I'm getting very close to getting something on the store. I've been working with a developer working for Ouya over the last week. This has been a serious process but once it's done soon, we may have a good system. I'm starting another thread to get some help regarding mobile browser.

    Long story short, I'm running a custom 47gb ubuntu VM (using VMWare player) to develop Chromium apps. I've been working on this for a number of hours each day with Ouya to make this a reality. I've learned more about ubuntu and android development than I ever thought I'd need to know, but fortunately once it's done the process for doing it over is going to go much smoother.. Eventually the plan will be to automate it, but for now it's going to be manual..

    We have a little more to do early next week to make an acceptable APK. This is without IAP so that means you could either make an app paid with no demo, or a 100% free app.

    However, we plan on moving into IAP right after that because I would like any paid games have a demo, or maybe a currency someday..



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