Experimental Greenworks plugin

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    Kenthria All you need after setting up achievements in steam is the greenworks plugin which tells steam what achievement to unlock and then steam activates it for only that user and shows the achievement overlay to that player. So steam handles everything as long as your game can communicate with the steam client when to unlock achievements.

    I agree with StaticCloud and digitalsoapbox More and more C2 users are making games good enough for steam and it would be much easier if we all knew that the steam support is up to date for future projects as well So for that I would also be willing to contribute.

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    Oh fab, so simple haha, thanks.

    Thanks for the update to Greenworks 0.5!

    Ashley digitalsoapbox greenheartgames StaticCloud digitalsoapbox Anonnymitet - Same thing here: we are willing to help fund the development of an appropriate plugin for Greenworks.

    Ashley digitalsoapbox greenheartgames StaticCloud digitalsoapbox Anonnymitet - Same thing here: we are willing to help fund the development of an appropriate plugin for Greenworks.

    I've posted an offer in the Jobs forum here:

    Anyone capable of pulling this off, please get in touch. The results so far: zero replies. Hmm.

    digitalsoapbox - Good idea posting a job offer! Hopefully someone will come up and help the community with this.

    Greenworks plugin is not working? That's something that should have be watched. I bet that there are many people developing games for steam... I mean, it's the main and almost the only really good platform for indie games on Pc. I know that there are others, but nothing like steam.

    This plugin has been experimental for a year.... which is rather disheartening. I am not surprised no one has come forward to fix it because they would probably have to play catch-up to every time there's a new NW version and any time there are changes made at the Steam end. All of which would also have to be compliant with c2 plugin SDK but not honoured by scirra. A subscription fee might work, but is that really likely to be subscribed to by more than a half a dozen c2 devs? I understand why sirra team haven't been here since May, now, and it doesn't bode well for those of us hoping for more than a Newgrounds export option. GameMaker and Clickteam understand the attraction of having functioning Steam plugins...

    Colludium I agree. It's a problem that needs a good solution, we ran quite a successful Kickstarter for our game, so need to make sure everything will work smoothly for the Steam release next year. Ideally with updated nw.js

    Ashley it would be great if you could join this discussion. Has the official Sicrra Steam plug-in been abandoned? Would it be possible for you to help the community find a solution? I think without at least knowing Scirra's stance on this it makes it incredibly difficult for the community to find a solution.

    +1 to this.. I plan to release on Steam next year as well...

    as far as I know NW 10.5 works with the current greenworks plugin.. can someone confirm this?

    also as far as I know every C2 game on Steam is using NW 10.5

    We're waiting for the next version of NW.js before we review the Steam support. The latest non-alpha version is based on a version of Chromium with a pretty bad v-sync bug which makes gameplay choppy, so AFAIK everyone is still using v0.10.5. Google already fixed the bug a while ago, but NW.js is on a slower release cycle.

    Ashely Thank you for letting us know what's happening, really appreciate it.

    Ashely Thank you.

    Ashley - Thank you for keeping us in the loop.

    Ashley - is this the issue you're speaking of?


    Seems it was noted as solved. Is there another vsync issue? I haven't been able to find anything else about it in the nw.js bug reports.

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