EXE wrapper for HTML5 - alpha test

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  • And on top of that Ashley is waiting for the Awesomium guys to implement direct rendering to window. That may take ages or never happen at all :(

  • Have you tried anything else without success? Doesn't chromium embedded do this? I thought it had WebGL support also. I'm asking because it would be nice to have a wrapper that is only limited to the license conditions of the LGPL. And it works on mac and linux.

  • mcduck - last I tried Chromium Embedded it lacked any GPU acceleration and was quite buggy, so Awesomium really does look like a much better option. I think it's license terms are perfectly reasonable too - it's free until you've made $100k!

  • Awesomium guys finished Direct to Window rendering ! :D

  • I tried the awesomium export today, nice to see it working. I have to say, I laughed when I saw that the scripts were moved to the bottom of the page for faster loading (somewhat of a micro-optimisation) but then the whole of jQuery is included just to resize a few things... Perhaps you guys want to consider dropping the jQuery dependency.

  • So i tried to export my game using awesomeium, except if anyone is going to run it, they need awesomeium installed. How do I get by this without the user having to install it?

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  • bscarl88, Awesomium becomes essentially part of your game - if they install your game, they are also installing the Awesomium wrapper.

  • hmmm   that's odd because when I exported with awesomium, it wouldnt open on my other computer because it said it didnt have awesomeium installed.   I just clicked export, then awesomeium

  • bscarl88, did you move the whole exported folder? There should have been various files in it important to Awesomium's operation - the .exe has to run from inside that folder.

  • Yup, I put them on google docs as an .RAR    Except maybe it's because I didnt unzip them, and just tried to run the .exe from the RAR

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