EXE wrapper for HTML5 - alpha test

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  • Okies cool, good to know. Will look forward to it. Its good to know there is a better offline future for html5 games.

  • The game will be an .EXE file like in Cclassic?

    with the same structure?

    This may be a good solution to prevent code steals, images, etc ;)

  • I'm not sure if you guys are familiar with Pokki. You can wrap your HTML5 games in an EXE right now with Pokki. That is what Pokki does.

    Here are a couple awesome and addicting HTML5 games wrapped in EXE:



    The other nice thing about Pokki is that you get included in the Pokki store so users then get one click access to your games. pokki.com

    There are some other cool things like desktop notifications and badges to bring users back into the game as well.


    I obviously work for Pokki, so please keep that in mind with the shameless plug above, but I was seeing a lot of interest in wrapping HTML5 in EXE and that is what we do!

    feel free to ping me if you have any questions. bendyv@pokki.com

  • thekid the pokki store looks great, i was just wondering about performances ? i tried to play tupsu, but the loading screen say no webgl and take too long which it's didn't play in the end ?, about horsemen very nice game and polished it was lagging a little but it's playable and sounds played very well, the only concern i got is about apps performances in general.

    but overall, love the apps and games in pokki, if C2 export pokki apps directly it would be a neat feature.

  • I gave Four Horsemen a whirl. Worked pretty well. Though the sound just stops after you've played for a bit. Not sure if that's because of Pokki or the games coding. Was hard to tell if the game ran less smooth than intended. It's a small game though, so it should run smooth enough.

    However, there's one problem I have and it's with the Pokki app/browser/thing itself. It places itself above my row of icons in the task bar and thus makes it larger. I find it invasive and that is a huge issue for me. I don't like apps or programs placing themselves where-ever they please without my say so, which it does. It might be a minor issue, and one the average user might not care about, but it raises a red flag in my head.

  • Yeah i found Pokki bloated and invasive. Not an option for me either.

  • The only thing I expect from the e?e - saving array to a file :D

  • Well ASHLEY. Do we know an estimated full release date of awesomium? Some programs are always in the "beta"-stage, even tough they are complete programs. (look at the udk)

  • Black2key - they haven't announced anything yet I don't believe, so I don't know. Maybe you could ask them directly yourself.

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  • prinsukun Pokki is built on top of Chromium and requires WebGL to run games that use WebGL.

    inkBot, there is an audio bug in Chromium and it will be fixed when we update to the next version.

    We place the icons in that area because we have the option for badges on the icons and notifications to pop up to bring the user back into the game. These work great for new in game messages or alerting the user when its their turn etc. We also enable full screen playback and have seen some great engagement metrics of double the time spent in the game when users play the desktop version of a game vs the web version.

  • Great, some of the things i want for my games...hope it gets fully released as fast as possible. best way to protect your games a little bit better and make it offline playable for the people ;)

    you used awesomium as base so it will support win/mac/lin right?

  • New version of Awesomium (1.7) final is coming out today (announced) !!!

  • - yep, we'll be checking that out ASAP!

  • Hi

    I want make a new game

    I want to know "when does .EXE come to Construct 2"

    please answer it


  • The next Construct 2 is supposed to feature .exe export. However, I expect it to be unpolished and as such buggy. I wouldn't rely on it for a few releases, until it is ironed out.

    TL;DR - August, buggy at first.

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