EXE wrapper for HTML5 - alpha test

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  • Releasing the first beta version of the EXE wrapper is expected to add a boost in appearance of new C2 games. Can't wait!

  • Releasing the first beta version of the EXE wrapper is expected to add a boost in appearance of new C2 games. Can't wait!

    mercy: Appearance?

  • I think he meant that more people will start switching to C2 and more C2 games will start appearing.

    With the Exe wrapper and gamepad object, even though neither is actually done, I've pretty much switched over to C2 completely now.

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  • More C2 games appearing, because a lot of developers may want to try the new EXE wrapper.

    Target platforms, like iphone, ipad, other mobile, arcade, kongregate etc. are good, especially if the compiled HTML5 can be more difficult to crack compared to the minifier.

    An EXE game in this regard should be more difficult to crack. Also we should be able to implement new protection methods, like Ubisoft and Rocksteady Studios and others are doing. If the user has a pirated copy, the gameplay slightly changes, bugs appear, important items become unreachable, functions (like Batman gliding successfully) disappear.

    Subtle checks, always renewed in your re-compiled game versions, scattered in the game code:

    Like you meet an NPC and he randomly asks for a color or a codename and the consumer must give an answer in form of a code-word (like SSI did in the '90-s), received with the purchase.

    New code-words are only sent to customers, at a regular interval, when you develop a new area in the game, which is accessible in the newest version of the game.

    EXE also supposes we could maybe have some of C1-s hardware accelerated 2D effects, like plasma, lots of sprites and fancy blending modes and some safe graphics tricks.

  • Hi my first post here. Thanks for all your hard work on Construct2 it's really coming along well.

    Anyway, I remember some people were interested in a exe wrapper of some sort and I ran across this interesting blog post about wrapping HTML5 games in a QT webkit example:


    I have no idea if this would be better or worse than the Awesomium solution, just wanted to pass on the info.

    Keep up the great work! <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle">

  • I haven't tried it, but if it's just WebKit and not a full browser engine like Awesomium, the Javascript and rendering performance will be really bad... that's why we're focusing on Awesomium, since it includes the V8 javascript engine, WebGL, etc.

  • Thanks for the insight Ashley.

    Yeah no WebGL would be bad. The author of that blog Jason Brown mentions that Qt5 will get the V8 JavaScript engine, and a little Googling seems to suggest that WebGL is already available. http://trac.webkit.org/wiki/QtWebKitWebGL

    It's probably more trouble than it's worth at this point considering the Awesomium solution is already working and it gets lots of great stuff from Chromium. Still though, it might be worth keeping an eye on it for the future.

  • Oh, that's interesting - didn't know they included WebGL. That definitely makes it worth checking out, I'll give it a spin and see if I can come up with something.

  • I can't believe I missed this thread until now... very exciting!

  • Ashley PLEASE dont make a license only feature cause i can't get the license

    PLEASE.oh by the way what language did you program C2 in

  • Worked very nicely on win7 64.

    No lag at all but system is high specs.

    Very promising stuff ;)

  • Woa, didn't tested but an exe exporter would be very good for C2, still there is priorities in my opinion..

  • works nice on Lenovo Y570 with Win 7

    adding this would be awesome

  • Was just recently pointed to this forum by Ashley, have to say really loving to hear about this. Cant believe in all my forum searching for exe wrappers I missed this topic.

    I am curious has anyone tried to actually make the game a full exe offline version yet with any success? rather than one loading from the internet. Or is everyone waiting for the devs to include it within C2.

    As a license holder I personally would say license only makes the most sense (but i could be biased), the cost of a license is quite low just $79, most adults should be able to save that given enough time during development of the game or use cloud funding (like kickstarter) to raise the money for the cost to utilise it if their project is that good that using an exe wrapper is needed but they really cant afford it.

    Also including it in license only will ensure more developers purchase construct2 which will help development as they will have more funding. Which is what i and i imagine all license holders want the most.

    Good luck with it i hope to see more soon. I am hoping my game that I am working on will be successful enough so i can support you guys with a full Business Edition license soon and an offline exe wrapper would really make it easier to be successful heh.

  • AJTilley: we're waiting for Awesomium to be finished, this is a test of their alpha release. We'll be supporting offline play when it's fully released.

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