Ejecta and construct 2

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  • Just make sure to keep telling your friends about C2! <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Everything Arima said.

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  • Well, I do think it is pretty much out of the question. We've been working on our Javascript based engine for about a year now, and still have plenty to do, so there's no way we can make time for this. It could come with its own batch of unforeseen limitations and problems as well. I doubt any one technology is a silver bullet which will solve everything.

    Also, I am still 100% certain HTML5 + Javascript will ultimately match native performance and features. In fact, by the time we finished a port to Haxe, it may have become the case, rendering the whole project a waste of time.

    We're working closely with appMobi and Ludei to make sure directCanvas and CocoonJS are high-performance platforms that cover as many C2 features as possible, and Awesomium should ultimately be as good as Chrome on Windows, Mac and Linux. If you have any specific issues, please be sure to report them and we can work on getting them fixed!

  • It looks like you need a mac to integrate Ejecta with your HTML5 game.

    I have no mac, but i'm downloading another distro to use my virtual machine.

  • I'd be more worried about possible limitations of the current editor than an exporter for platforms we already have.

  • I guess that's a fair situation. I just hope the other exporters, particularly Awesomium, get working properly quickly!

  • ... even if it took a year with no updates, and no third party compatibility.

    I doubt they could do this without offering a refund. People bought C2 because they want to make games, not to wait around for a new engine. Besides, if Scirra made this switch they would be playing perpetual catch-up to Stencyl. Really, the only difference between Stencyl and C2 would be the UI. It would also nullify their tremendous advantage in HTML5 which is a promising technology. I don't know if HTML5 will be the technology to rule all the platforms, but I don't think it is in any danger of becoming obsolete in game development. However, I can see why people are getting impatient with HTML5 - the hype was so enormous and premature.


    This highly relevant article just came to mind. TL;DR, while Scirra is rewriting everyone else will be moving ahead and that obviously isn't good for Scirra.

  • You're absolutely right. I guess I'm just a sucker for performance benefits ;)

  • I wonder if HTML5 performance will get much better, or if it will just be newer computers/devices with more power that will make it seem likes its improving.

  • I'm worried because there's the possibility html5 will never cover all our needs, not only performance wise. Hope i'm wrong. Edit: Seeing things like this makes me have hope.

  • - typically software improvements help HTML5 get faster as well. For example, iOS's javascript engine typically gets faster with every update, so even the same device should be faster with iOS 6 compared to iOS 5. Also occasionally we can optimise our engine a little better too as well, so it's not just hardware updates that improve things.

    kiyoshi - what specifically are you worried about needing that HTML5 does not offer? If you can name specific features, I can tell you what I know about the current standardisation efforts at W3C. For example, real-time low-latency multiplayer with voice calls and access to webcam and microphone is on the way with WebRTC.

  • The more i read Ashley's responses, the more I have faith in the future of C2. Thanks for responding to these concerns

  • The truth is, Android is known to be below par with regards to HTML 5 performance but I do know it's being resolved. It takes time but it'll happen. Then we'll have great performance on all platforms (don't know about Windows 8 yet). Everything is still in development and will improve, just needs patience.


  • Interesting! Thanks for bringing this up!

  • vandinz, Windows8 has great support for developing with html5 in VisualStudio. However IE does not support webgl

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