Ejecta and construct 2

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  • Hi Ashley,

    I just discovered Construct and I do understand your point about not supporting Haxe, but I was just too tempted to share some additional information about Haxe. In the first place, Haxe would never be a waste of time since you can output javascript, you don't even have to use NME library if you wish so. Conceptually speaking, I suggest you take a look at "The Pew Pew Manifesto" on Adobe blogs:


    Making your software compatible with more game engines would just get you more audience and a broader output, for instance just take a look at how it would fit nicely with platforms like Flambe:


    Texture Packer is a good example of a successful software embracing multiple technologies too.

    I think it would be far better to focus on the IDE features for your team, isn't that what your customers care the most for?



  • I looked at ejecta... it's done by dominic szablewski, the same guy behind the directcanvas concept (he's credited on appmobi github page). I haven't tested it so I might be wrong, but it sounds to me like a stripped off version of directcanvas without all appmobi bloats.

  • pheno7 - we already have evidence HTML5 can reach the performance of our previous native engine. So I would say the performance benefit to implementing something like Haxe is rapidly diminishing. Meanwhile the additional complexity to the software stack by involving a cross-compiler is significant, and adds a whole new layer for things to go wrong or cause difficulties. We just don't have time to engage on a large project like that for a small benefit, especially if it breaks compatibility with third party plugins.

    I disagree with "The Pew Pew Manifesto". If Javascript is the assembly of the web, then we'll code in assembly.

  • If Javascript is the assembly of the web, then we'll code in assembly.

    <img src="http://lh3.ggpht.com/haymansbeard/RrFkGaI8atI/AAAAAAAAAJI/NUu4EF66oy8/King+Leonidas+Large.JPG" border="0" />

    Couldn't resist... :(

  • Cheers Ashley.

    Of course if put a lot of work on performance of and engine and you compare using webgl you won't see much difference, but some of us still have to support IE users while meeting the deadlines.

    I use both direct JS and Haxe, both have their specific uses, at least I we don't have to use Objective C in both cases. My favorite use of haxe is more about application structure than "implementation". Benefits are way more obvious when there is a lot of pieces in your puzzle, just think of it as an alternative to GWT. If you have to do a desert rally: using a motocross might be faster, but using a 4x4 could be a way more enjoyable experience. Not much web programmers experienced coding comfort and IDE debugging.

    There more and more performing HTML5 game engines out there, but not much amazing graphical tools like construct, just feel that it should be more in focus than defending using javascript like a spartan warrior <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Adobe would be a persian army.

    Anyways, anyone tested C2 games with Ejecta?

  • I reopen this thread because Eject is light years ahead of everything else. OpenGL is amost working, the performance is amazing, and it seems that you are all forgetting that the main difference here is that this is an open source solution meaning that you can add whatever functionality you might need (iCloud, iAP, etc) it's being actively developed and there are commits from other programmers weekly.

    I really hope Ashley will consider working on optimizing a little for this platform, C2 desperatly needs some good mobile games to showcase and this could open the door for a lot of them.

    We are now at a pre-last update CocoonJS plus working Game Center achievements and leaderboard. 4 Days ago websockets have been implemented and OpenGL is already there (altough very rough) I see this going miles ahead of both AppMobi and CocoonJS in a couple of months, if you are serious about iOS invest time in this project, so far I was able to make all my games run in Ejecta, there is a thread here with the "instructions" scirra.com/forum/experiment-construct2-with-ejecta-and-gamecenter_topic64187_page1.html.

  • Depending on the community the odds are good that this will surpass CJS late this year or early next year. Ludie is supposed to have a team of 15 people, but the rate of updates and what's in the updates are no where near that of even C2. C2 updates often with features at the same amount. So C2 gets more features more often and quicker.

    If however the community for Ejecta drops off. Then, well it won't :P

    As for OpenGL, the question is. Is OGL bound to a WebGL bindings. So that access to OGL is the same as WebGL. I assume it is, but I still want to know for sure.

  • jayderyu : there's no need for a "community" for Ejecta, since the engine is opensourced. All canvas call are forwarded to OpenGLES, and the WebGL call are going that route too (all the call aren't yet forwarded for WebGL).

  • I'm not convinced Ejecta is the perfect solution - it still lacks browser features like the Web Audio API, XML parsing with XPath support, and so on. Everything CocoonJS is missing should be coming soon, like GameCenter support. It's a huge amount of work maintaining extra platforms which aren't real browsers because of all the real browser features that are missing (and these notably include developer tools, debuggers, the console etc. which all helps make development easier). We're keeping an eye on several possible alternative solutions that may appear eventually - hopefully things will keep improving with the current systems though.

  • <img src="smileys/smiley17.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> it's November 2013 now, and i'm wondering where this thread would be if we extended the conversation?

    What is the best performance platform if you don't want to use phonegap build or cocoonjs?

    Is anyone out there still expending efforts on ejecta other than me?

    Just interested as i haven't benchmarked the other export options for a while and wondering what other people are doing right now when looking for:

    1. performance

    2. IAP purchase

    3. Reconfigurability of the underlying to add/remove/alter functionality (last time i looked cocoon still provided you with a closed xcode package which i found rather annoying as it limited me from adding my own feature to the base line code.

  • theres also intel xdk and gameclosure

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  • does gc support IAP?

    I had to re-write the IAP plugins for ejecta to make them work properly as the code wasn't complete.

    I haven't tried much with Ads yet, anyone with much experience with IADs and Ejecta?

  • I haven't seen any updates here in forever in terms of Ejecta being updated with support for WebGL, etc...

  • Hi there

    Do you know if ejecta supports webcam and microphone ?

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