Crosswalk Performance Mega-thread

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  • Thanks everyone for the help in getting me APK's. I will try to follow up with the team this week.

    I will also check to see about CW11, but I believe it still has the performance issue that CW10 has.

  • Thanks everyone for the help in getting me APK's. I will try to follow up with the team this week.

    I will also check to see about CW11, but I believe it still has the performance issue that CW10 has.

    If that is really the case, that's bad news. Perhaps it would be better to skip CW11 altogether and go straight to CW12. Why? Well:

    I recently installed chrome beta on my android device. The version is Chrome 42, which is based on chromium 42. My current stable is chrome v40.

    The difference between the two is clear: v42 gets better framerates, and has far smoother motion, with fewer janks, lags, and other awfulness. It's really a major improvement, and is certainly brings a level of motion quality to the table that, while not perfect, is quite acceptable.

    It's possible that whatever opts have gone into effect between v40 and v42 happened during the v41 cycle, meaning that CW12 could finally bring us a new version of XDK export that can compete with v7. Right now, it really feels like we are caught between a rock and a hard place, with the spectre of openssl on one side, and the poor motion quality of CW10 on the other.

    Having to wait months more for reliable exports that won't be removed from the play store at some nebulous future date...well, that doesn't sound very appealing. For some users, it may be enough to spur defection to the enemy camp.

    Gimme a U, gimme an N, gimme an I...

  • TiAm - Have you tried to build with the CW Command line tools? The flip side is Cordova will have support for Crosswalk natively soon (hopefully next month) that should make it easier for developers to specify the version (since it's a plugin).

    I'll try to build the space blaster with different versions of CW. If there is a big gain in CW12 (or I hear back from the CW 12), I'll push for the XDK to get CW12 support.

  • imaffett

    Suggestion: The space blaster is a rather old and in a way peculiar product. Are you open for other "benchmark" games/projects? There are a lot of things that the old space blaster does not cover.

  • Eisenhans - Absolutely! I only used that one since Ashley gave it to us. It does the FPS client side, but I was using Chrome Developer Tools and saw a big difference between CW11 and CW12. An odd note is GPU Rasterization did not appear to be on in CW11, but I did see it was enabled in CW12.

    If someone provides a capx of a better project, I will get it tested right away.

  • imaffett

    I have not tried to build via command line; are there some good step-by-step instructions about how to do so with a C2 project? As a solo developer, I often find my time very stretched; I love my terminal for some things (ImageMagick), but compilation isn't generally one of them. However, I'd be willing to give it a go if there was a good guide.

    Was GPU Rasterization disabled on CW10? Could that be part of the regression we've experienced? Regardless, it seems like your tests suggest that there would be a benefit to 'skipping' CW11, and going straight to CW12. I'm glad to hear you're willing to push that move if it seems right.

    BTW, we all appreciate your involvement on the forums, and responsiveness to our concerns. I know that most of these problems are likely coming down from crosswalk (and thus, chromium) itself, so really, no hard feelings toward everyone at intel.

  • Hi TiAm,

    Thanks for the kind words! Building from the command line is a little tricky right now, but what is your time frame for release?. I'm pushing to get CW11 and 12 available soon (since 11 is stable and 12 is beta).

    GPU Rasterization *is* supported on 10, and I can tell this via CSS demo's. But I'm not sure why Chrome wasn't reporting it. I updated the Crosswalk bug this morning with the APK's and findings. I hope to hear something from them soon.



  • I have created two debuggable APK's for users to test their apps on. One for Crosswalk 11 and one for Crosswalk 12. Please note, Cordova Plugins are not available, this is simply to test performance of your app. Both the apps allow you to enter a URL to redirect to. To test your apps, you must be running your C2 exported code on a webserver. You can host it anywhere, but your Android device must be able to access it for this to work.

    You can use Chrome to test FPS. There is an ADB plugin for Chrome at ... e?hl=en-US . You must have drivers installed for your device. Once it is configured, you can inspect the target, then go to "Rendering" -> "Show FPS Meter" to get accurate FPS measuring. ... d.apk?dl=0 - CW11 shell ... d.apk?dl=0 - CW12 shell

    If you have questions about web servers, firewalls, etc, search google <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_wink.gif" alt=";)" title="Wink">

  • imaffett

    Thanks so much for this, this is just the kind of test we need! <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">

    Just in case a lot of people hit your links, I saved them to my dropbox:

    CW11: ... d.apk?dl=0

    CW12: ... d.apk?dl=0

    Will update with test results in a bit.

    Gonna ping a few people who might be interested in this:

    Egyptoon cesisco Iolva bscarl88 MelVin jakub89 aquinn neverk volkiller730

  • imaffett Thanks for sharing testing them out now

    Edit: wow these make my game run amazing compared to CW10. CW11 seemed to run slightly slower then CW12(only by a couple frames ) but Both run better with a higher and smoother FPS then CW10. My game( ... lkiller.GM) ran much better. With CW10 it was full of jittering/stuttering and random frame drops even though it's not to demanding. Cant wait to have any of these pushed to the XDK. Thanks for sharing these test APKs it's great to see the progress

    Device Used for testing:

    Samsung Galaxy S4

    Android Version 4.4.2

    Model SPH-L720T

  • I don't have much spare time right now to test it, but I appreciate the ping. I'll follow this thread.

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  • imaffett


    Many thanks, I'll test that.

  • I'll test it!


  • imaffett

    Tested both my apps on both of your APKs. What's real odd though is that both games are much faster when running through your APKs VS running natively. There are no noticeable lag spikes in my GodSmash game like there are in the normal app. Why would that be?

    GodSmash: Armageddon: no noticable difference ... index.html

    You Can't Escape: slightly better performance on CW12 ... index.html


    Samsung Galaxy S4

    Android 4.4.2

  • imaffett

    Maybe it would be a good idea to up a CW10 shell as well? That way we could compare it to 11/12 without wondering if we did something wrong during export. BTW, the shells work when previewing over LAN, which is enormously convenient, and makes them useful for normal testing purposes too.

    I've tried two games so far, and I'm not seeing a lot of difference between CW11 and CW12. I'd like to test more before making my mind up. I don't see a leap with either apk over native export though...maybe I need to re-export with the latest version of 10.

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