Construct 2 under Wine: Almost working now

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  • Just checked out Construct 2 R163 and it's almost working under Wine (Ubuntu 13.04) now.

    Performance is fine and Node-Webkit preview should be easy enough to get working (I'm thinking cron + native Linux node-webkit).

    The one thing that still always crashes the whole application is opening a project. It's also prone to crash during this process under Windows 7 Ultimate x64.

    Is there anything that can be done about it? Some sort of hot swapping perhaps? In which case I'd manually input the whole project structure, rather than loading the project through the file menu?

  • I definetely didn't succeed to make it working under osx 10.9.2

    I tried with crossover, playonmac, and wine bottler, but I basically encountered crashes when trying to open/save project, or trying to launch previews, or impossibility to open the event sheet (nothing appears)

    If someone have a solution, It would be really appreciated, since I switched recently to mac, and seriously, this is a big pain to open windows ONLY for C2...

  • You should report any issues to the Wine developers; it's not our responsibility to fix them.

  • I do know this is not your responsability Ashley, you often repeat that, and this is not what I'm looking for here by answering to this thread.

    But there's some users here who may encountered same kind of issues.

  • Well. At the very least, it could be said that it's partly your responsibility.

    After all, it's also crashing under Windows 7 x64 (the Tetris.capx I found in the Arcade doesn't ever open on my PC, but works splendidly on two older PCs with graphics drivers that date back to 2006).

    IMHO your GUI implementation is somewhat flawed (whichever library you use. Windows Forms, supposedly?), as I don't know too many applications being this prone to crash. In fact, I recently ported Adventure Game Studio to Ubuntu (writing a Wine wrapper + installer) and it runs splendidly and without any error.

  • Blinx123, could you share your wine configuration ?

  • Please let me know if you can get it working for Mac. I would never ever touch any windows system then:-D

    Mac support should be a top point instead of things like multiplayer.

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  • septeven

    Sure. Which one? x32, x64?


    More like POSIX compliance should be the top priority. If it was more standards compliant and steered away from using too many Microsoft specific libraries, we would already be half way to a native port that could be used by creative people, rather than Windows users

    EDIT: Here's a screencap from my almost finished AGS port, in case anyone is interested.

    All that is left is a small, graphical installer (was going to use either Shellscript and Zenity or wxwidgets and Haskell for that) that automagically creates all files necessary to run the program and, perhaps, also contains a statically linked version of wine (not sure if that last part would work too well, though).

    Was hoping to do the same for Construct 2, once the last issues are resolved.

  • x32 please - hopefully it'll help

  • Actually, I just realized I don't know how to write out the config file. Seems like wine.conf has been deprecated a long time ago.

    Anyways. What I did to get where I'm now was rather straight forward.

    env WINEARCH=win32 WINEPREFIX=~/.wine32 winetricks dotnet20 gdiplus mono210 vcrun2005 vcrun2008 vcrun2010
    env WINEARCH=win32 WINEPREFIX=~/.wine32 wine construct2-r163-setup.exe
    There's that distinct chance, I'm missing some libraries. Furthermore, my wine is a tad old (version 1.4.1).
  • Thanks a lot.

    So I have the event sheet correctly displayed now, and sounds like there's no graphical issue anymore.

    BUT impossible to load/save/export files, to preview (Blinx123, how did you make it working ?), and to activate with my license. When I set my license path, C2 tells me to restart but it crashes when restarting... I have to delete the license file in order to make it open back.

    It sounds like there's something wrong with load/write files....

    Again Ashley, this is not a wine question, but with what I just wrote, does it sound something for you (a link between all this problems ??? This may help me to find what I have to install as dependencies).


  • Construct 2 has no non-OS dependencies on Windows (it's portable). Any issues that do not occur on a real installation of Windows are probably bugs in Wine, not C2.

  • Blinx123

    is previewing works for you and can you save files ?


    I'm pretty sure it's come from Wine. But Construct 2 seems using something with load/save files different than other classical windows software. THAT is the problem I guess, that's why I can't load files, save files, export project, preview, AND can't load license file - So may be if you can help us about this point, we would probably be able to report it to wine devs.

  • Ashley

    I'm really really close to make C2 working almost perfectly under OSX.

    I found from when exactly C2 was broken with wine - It came with R148.

    R147 and older are working perfectly, the file system is saving and loading without any bugs. R148 just broke it - impossible to load or save any capx.

    By looking to the change log, the major change which seems to be linked with this wine's issue is :

    [quote:3nqvriag]Updated UI library to significantly newer version. New themes are supported, and the default theme is now Office 2010 Silver. Hopefully this may resolve other UI library related issues, but since it's a big update there may be quirks or new issues introduced.

    and particularly this :

    [quote:3nqvriag]The new UI library provides us with lots more options in terms of features, as well as six years of bug fixes. If you've ever had any minor suggestions for the UI, now would be a good time to raise them again. However despite our testing, it's possible there were backwards-incompatible changes that we missed. Some new things may actually be broken or slightly different. Let us know if you find anything you think is a problem.

    So now, could you think we can try to work together in order to find what is the problem and make C2 working under wine ?

    Thanks for letting me know.

  • I cannot help at all. The update was a big upgrade of a large third party library. We had no part in designing it. I also do not believe there is anything particularly unusual in Construct 2's design: it does everything in a relatively traditional "Windows-like" way. Again, you really have to take this up with the Wine developers, I cannot help.

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