Construct 2 under Wine: Almost working now

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  • I run Linux and prefer to do all of my work in Linux but I also have Windows 8 installed in a virtual machine, which is how I've been trying out Construct 2. I came to the forums to see if others have been able to run it under Linux and found this thread. I have it running fine except for the web server. Here's my setup:

    First I should mention that I have Linux Mint 17 Cinnamon 64-bit. I have a Radeon 7750 video card and using drivers directly from AMD's site.

    1. I installed PlayOnLinux

    2. Within PlayOnLinux I installed the 64-bit version of wine that's labeled "1.7.20-PhotoshopBrushes". I originally tried 1.7.21 but it kept crashing when I tried to open a project.

    3. I then installed the app into a new virtual drive. I picked 64-bit from the installer rather than auto-detect when it asked. It might have picked the right one but I didn't want to take that chance.

    The rest of this I'm not sure if it matters but it was telling me my graphics drivers are old and playing with these settings seemed to make it go away.

    4. Under the "Display" tab in PlayOnLinux for the configuration for the virtual drive I set the following:

    a. GSLS Support: enabled

    b. Direct Draw Renderer: OpenGL

    c. Offscreen rendering mode: fbo

    Some of that might have been default, I don't know, I was just trying settings and that's what I currently have and it's working.

    Construct 2 seems to be working well, I can zoom/pan without an issue, open and close projects, add objects, move them around, etc. and export seems to work (exporting to HTML5). "Run layout" obviously doesn't work. I'm not Wine or Linux expert but I'm gonna play around and see if I can get it to work.

    Edit: I think the http server won't happen. The log file shows "fixme:httpapi:HttpAddUrl ((nil), L"http://localhost:50087/", (nil)): stub!". Same with rest of http calls. Apparently that code in wine hasn't been completed yet.

    Edit: Just wanted to follow up on this. I used Construct 2 for many hours yesterday on Linux and there were only a couple problems: 1. Choosing a font for text causes it to crash, 2. When I add an image to a sprite it loses transparency but maybe that's a problem with my images or something else, 3. Still can't run the http server but I did install apache and I export it into a directory I can run it from through my browser. Not quite as quick as hitting run, but not too slow to be annoying. A 1-click export would be nice to help Linux users.

  • You should report any issues to the Wine developers; it's not our responsibility to fix them.

    Construct2 doesn't quite behave the same way in Wine. When I put my license file in the subdirectory (copy and paste) or through the Contruct2 interface, the application simply would not load. Construct2 would simply crash. I opened a case in Wine (, but it seemed to be an issue with Ubuntu 14.04. I re-imaged the machine and copied the license again. Once again it crashed. I removed the license file (a simple .txt file) and it worked. So whom do I ask for help? Wine indicates that the Construct2 runs and it does as long as I don't use my license file. Can Scirra do something to help so I can use the full version of Construct2 that I paid for?

  • this occured to me when I used 1.7.14-, but it didn't anymore from 1.7.15 !

  • can you get it to run with wine?

    I cant seem to run my layout. Dont want to install appache and set it up. Is there another way?

  • exporting is too slow and you cant debug your game that way either!

    Man, i am really looking forward to construct3 native. This is not a way to work

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  • Quick Construct 2 + web server under wine (no apache needed) [tested: construct r.198 free + wine 1.7.38]:

    Install wine:

    sudo apt-get install wine1.7[/code:2c3h8m53]
    [set wine to 32 bit] 
    [code:2c3h8m53]export WINEARCH=win32[/code:2c3h8m53]
    [install dlls under wine, I don't know if they're really needed, but just in case...]
    [code:2c3h8m53]winetricks dotnet20 gdiplus vcrun2005 vcrun2008 vcrun2010[/code:2c3h8m53]
    [optional] enable font rendering: 
    [code:2c3h8m53]winetricks settings fontsmooth-rgb[/code:2c3h8m53]
    Download and install construct2:
    [code:2c3h8m53]wine construct2-r199-setup.exe[/code:2c3h8m53]
    replace r199 with downloaded version (if needed)
    run construct2, export a proyect to /home/USER/.wine/drive_c/development (for example)
    Download HFS (I can't post urls yet, so just do a google search for "rejetto hfs") Run hfs and:
    1. Click on port (on the right of menu), choose a port.
    2. click on the home icon in the file browser (below the menu button), add folder from disk, choose a folder (for example /home/USER/.wine/drive_c/development).
    3. Click on "open in browser" button below Menu button on HFS (or Open your_local_ip:port in your favourite browser)
    5. Your favourite [b]native[/b] browser will pop up with a file browser, click on the previously exported proyect folder
    6. Done.
    I don't know how to fix the minifier script error due to the lack of java under wine.
  • I am sorry but this is not a solution at all. Exporting the game takes very long and you cant use the debugger.

    How do we get that big round play button to work? The RUN LAYOUT button.

    Oh and btw, construct2 editor 64 bit seems to work ok in wine 64

  • I filed a bug report at wine bugtracker. Lets hope they fix it:

  • Alternatively, has anyone found a way to run the game in debug mode without asking construct2 to create a local host server?

    Is it possible to get nw.js to run the game without the need to host it? This would allow us to quickly RUN LAYOUT, without the need to export the game for hours

  • Alternatively, has anyone found a way to run the game in debug mode without asking construct2 to create a local host server?

    Is it possible to get nw.js to run the game without the need to host it? This would allow us to quickly RUN LAYOUT, without the need to export the game for hours

    Nope not yet, but I have just started making my own console with the FPS and CPU stuff. I had to make my own system to visualize arrays, but other than that, I have been luck enough to just use the system expressions, and text objects to revile what I am looking for.

    Someone should really make a nice in game debug template for C2. I bet they would make a lot of money from us linux people.

  • jojoe

    Well, ultimately when construct3 comes out we will probably be the first ones to buy it again, us and all the mac folk.

    But with no idea as to when construct3 is coming, our only option is to run it crappily via wine. But we are so close. Construct builds native linux64 with nw.js.

    I just wish I could set it to build only to linux64 until the game is complete. Then of course the other target platforms will come in handy.

    nw.js is so huge though.

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