Construct 2 on Steam?

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  • So steam apparently now has software. Game Maker is already up there, would be great if we could see Construct 2 up there. I'm sure Valve are desperate at the moment for more software as well so it shouldn't be too hard to get accepted.

  • I just had the same idea. If Game Maker is there, C2 should be there as well

  • Agreed, this would allow for automatic updating as well, but I'm not sure if they could retain a separate channel for beta users.

  • Dustforce was developed using Game Maker

  • Dustforce was developed using Game Maker

    Prototyped* Their own engine was used for the final version.

  • Would be cool.

  • This could be very good for Scirra.

    "We do everything they do, but better. Oh, we're also cheaper. So, yeah..."

  • I'd never even heard of 3D Coat before. Looks ZBrushy...

    Construct 2 on Steam could be a good move, if Valve doesn't mind providing competing software (they probably wouldn't, but you never know)

    However, at first glance Construct 2 looks pricier than Game Maker. So if Construct would go up on Steam there are things to take into consideration.

    The pricing and that Game Maker has, sadly, much more recognition as it stands. People know what Game Maker is (the name also kinda helps in that regard).

  • We would absolutely love to be on Steam, but we have not been contacted by Valve, nor does there appear to be any way to submit software to Steam. (Greenlight still appears to be for games only.)

    I assume Valve approached a specific few software vendors for this initial launch, which sucks for us. However their site makes it clear they intend to add more software soon - so hopefully there will be something we can do about it in the near future!

  • Choosing to put Game Maker on it instead of Construct, is like choosing Windows ME over Windows 7.

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  • It might help raise awareness if everyone retweets this!

  • Ashley, can't you contact Valve?

    How did games get on Steam pre-greenlight? There must have been some sort of contacting procedure.

  • Though nowhere officially says this it looks like it can be sent through greenlight. You've defiantly got the community to back you up :)

  • I was going to create a topic about it, but it seems i'm late, wich is good :D, since its launch is today.

    Also, the more people using Construct2, the more tutorials, games, demos and learning materials to be made for the engine =], and that would really benefit us all.

    I hope Scirra can make its way towards Steam, and we buyers of Construct2 can get an acess to its key in Steam too xD

  • Ashley, you can probably email a few people at Valve. Gabe, Doug Lombardi, and . Their website has employee emails so you can probably find a PR guy or something of that sorts.

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