Construct 2 on Steam?

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  • Yeah I also did that.

    They said to check out:

  • I've only seen indication that Green Light is for games not "software".

  • I already got GameMaker: Studio Steam Version, i believe i already understood how GameMaker made it their, if you guys didn't noticed yet, the gamemaker studio on steam is special version that integrated very well with steam, and also have special export to steam workshop, i believe every softwares on steam already have direct or indirect integration with steam features.

    construct 2 deserve to be their as long as integrated somehow with steam features and have direct export to workshop, with new awesomium release recently, i see it promising to be their hopefully soon.

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  • Why would you buy that overpriced s**tware prinsukun :o

  • I only paid 79$ for GM-HTML5 <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> and that was 2011-septmber, yoyogames so generous if you are an old gamemaker user who bought their products, so i was lucky back than and i was active to not miss the chance, same what happens for C2 early adopter.

    so later GM-HTML5 became absolute product when Studio released, so i got free copy of Studio/MAC/EXE, and yesterday i got another free key for the steam version, worth mention GM is amazing if you learn and use GML to make your games.

  • Why would you buy that overpriced s**tware prinsukun :o

    You're free to have your own opinion about it, but let's not throw insults. There are plenty of people who like GM, and outsiders reading posts in our community dissing a program they enjoy isn't going to get them to try out c2, and makes those same people think our community isn't as friendly as it is. :)

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