Construct 2 on Steam?

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  • Yeah its best to email them, tell them C2 is awesome and your stats.

  • We did contact Steam in the past when we first heard about their plans to list software. However, they didn't respond to us. We'll definitely be trying again though!

  • Any chance for Construct Classic? c:

  • Yeh just saw this as well. Construct 2 should definitely go for it, if applicable.

    C2 is very related, and technically you can make your own steam games with it so.

  • C2 definetly has to get on Steam. It would mean a direct competition against GameMaker. Obvious witch one will win. <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • I mean, I am sure quite a few rather rich nerds have bought the whole package of Game Maker. Hurry before more money is burned! :D

  • Just opened a support ticket on Steam Support for telling them about C2. If the community wants it, it will be added.

  • Considering Game Maker already advertises itself as 'free' with "priced add-ons", I imagine using Construct's licenses in a similar manner would easily beat them at their own game. Even with the recent price increase for C2's licenses, it still trumps Game Maker's entire package by a mile.

  • Construct 2 need a good game to be submitted in Steam to advertise the engine, like gamemaker what doing, beside that also it will be good to have some special features from steam api, like achievements that can be integrated with games, i dunno if this possible with Awesomium.

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  • Ashley, if game maker is there, how about try contacting them to ask how they did it? They migh tell what you need to do to get Valves atention.

  • Construct must not be there only by the fact that the game maker already there. It should be there because it's a great tool, and it will be there, deservedly. But that is the question whether to Construct the use of Steam. Their pricing policy I do not like. Their policies in relation to clients, I don't like. Possible spread of Construct via Steam can increase success and sales, not the lesser possibility of losing reputation in Steam scandals.

    I am encouraged by the openness that exists in the community scirra now. Perhaps the best way to own store (which is already there) games created by Construct, or even its own API for developers, which will work with scirra arcade, and on the web sites of their own. Spend karma and profit, returning at the mercy of Valve, who can not afford anything else.

  • As I understand, Greenlight is indeed the place to go to be accepted, for non-game software as well. Not that it can't be in by other means, just that Greenlight accepts all types of products.

  • As I understand, Greenlight is indeed the place to go to be accepted, for non-game software as well. Not that it can't be in by other means, just that Greenlight accepts all types of products.

    Greenlight doesn't accept non-game software yet.

    When the question was asked in the Greenlight forums, this was the response:

    For now just hang tight. We'll be adding software support in the future.

  • Interesting, because what I've read in the press says otherwise, probably a miscommunication somewhere? Or maybe just not open yet.

    Wikipedia says the same about greenlight supporting software, but I must admit that I did not check Steam's forums.

  • Was pretty surprised to see gamemaker on there. I had heard that it didn't play too nice with steam for a while.... perhaps their willingness to fix that, is what helped them out... or Valve helped them out. It makes sense for for either one to happen now that green light is live giving indie games a better chance.

    Gmaker is on there pushing their steam support. 3d coat is pushing their Team Fortess 2 export. 3d mark is obvious benchmarking standard. Then theres art rage, a rather inexpensive art app that could relate to various parts of game and game fan art. Their all Valve, Steam or Steam community friendly.

    Maybe that is what C2 needs... someway for it to play nice with steam and make games that can be ran in steam... a traditional windows exe

    with the support needed without any third party tools to export it. Additionally it would need all the bells and whistles of steam intergration. That would also help grab their attention.

    If C2/html5 is the future; then steam is currently the bridge to it. Its time to put a sign on the bridge so people know how to get there.

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