Construct 2 on Mac OSX

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  • I'd like to try out virtual box for my MB Pro. At this time, I'm running on a dedicated Windows machine for C2. Thanks for the link, it reminds of one of the other things I need to try out.

  • I tried using wine on my Mac and Construct 2 worked .... sort of. It installed fine and opened with errors.

    Terminal screen capture below:

    <img src="" border="0">

    This is what it looks like:

    <img src="" border="0">

    It does not function well. But, I am trying to run a windows program on a Mac. Would love for Construct 2 to work with wine (as it's free).

    System Stats:

    Mac OS X v. 10.6.8

    2.5 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo

    4 GB RAM

  • BadFish, perhaps you could let the Wine developers know it doesn't work? It's up to them to fix it, and if they like Construct 2 they might prioritise it.

  • perhaps you could let the Wine developers know it doesn't work? It's up to them to fix it, and if they like Construct 2 they might prioritise it.

    You will have to excuse my ignorance. Where would I do that?


    Their bugzilla website should be the correct place.

  • C2 running on linux > Virtualbox. Performace is much better and usuable than orginal construct classic.

    <img src="" border="0" />

    Normally Vbox is pretty stable, this current release is a little unhappy at times.

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  • I originally posted this here but I think this might be a more appropriate thread.

    According to this article I read that:

    "Native Client (NaCl for short) is a Chrome specific technology that allows developers to code in C/C++ and produce a .nexe file, a compiled native module. ... Being able to port C/C++ code makes it an interesting option for game developers working in that area already."

    I'm not a developer and don't understand how all this works, but any reason not to make C2 available in the chrome store? Is this even possible? I can think of a lot of reasons to do it (ie. cross platform compatibility) but maybe I'm missing something.

  • I run Construct Classic and C2 on my iMac with VM Ware Fusion. The key commands are a little wonky, but with a little fiddling both of 'em work great!

  • Ok so I've spent literally days (multiple 10s of hours) trying to get Construct 2 to work on my Mac (OSX Lion) and have utterly failed :(

    I've gotten Construct 2 to pretty much work with VirtualBox (WinXP 32bit Pro as the VM), however when a project is open the Layout tab seems to draw on top of literally everything (popup dialog boxes, right click menus, any other open windows) rather than under them. It makes it really difficult to use Construct 2 but not impossible...

    The thing that kills it is when I try to preview a project I've created using Run Layout I just get a bunch of black and grey squares that don't really correspond to anything using Chrome 18 (IE8 doesn't support HTML5, and IE9+ isn't available for XP).

    Strangely when I open one of Construct 2's provided example projects and choose Run Layout it works fine, but even something simple like: New Project -> drag in a single .png image -> Run Layout won't work for me. Maybe if I open an example project then tear everything out and start building from there then save as... a new project, it'll work? I'll have try this later... too tired now.

    So I figure forget about previewing it, just export and run on OSX Chrome 18, no problem right? Sadly this is considered a security issue and Chrome won't run the project directly off a disk. So do I really have to upload a full project up to Dropbox just to preview it? This seems troublesome at the very least...

    Perhaps a different virtual machine would be better? I've got Vista and a few Linux distros I could try. VirtualBox -> Linux -> WINE -> Construct2 sounds pretty convoluted though, and Vista is a resource hog...

    I also tried running Construct 2 with WINE 1.4, but no matter what set of .dlls I install along with it (.net doesn't seem to want to install for me at all, fails every time even on a fresh WINE prefix...), Construct 2 is unable to open a saved .capx, or create new project. Construct 2 installs and seems to run (really fast and smooth btw. got my hopes up!), all the initial dialogs and menus are visible and responsive except the home page which displays as plain HTML with links, no images. However once I choose to open a existing .capx or create a new project Construct 2 just freezes up.

    Has anyone had any luck with Construct 2 on OSX with WINE?

    I'd really like to avoid spending money on Crossover, or VMware Fusion as I'm unlikely to use them for anything other than Construct 2, though it looks like it would have been worth the money in the end to avoid all the previous frustration (sigh...) Dual booting or using a dedicated Windows PC alongside my Mac is such a workflow killer (one monitor, one keyboard, one wacom, etc...).

    Please tell me a Mac port of Construct 2 is on the horizon, though I understand if it isn't.

    Thanks for reading! :D

  • scratch codeweavers,

    tried the demo of version dumped.

  • Thanks for the heads up about CodeWeavers CrossOver not working harrio. Good to know.

  • Please tell me how to do this and what program take much: (

  • Not a free solution but I run Construct2 on my Macbook (Mid 2011, upgraded to 8GB of Ram and a 750GB HD) with the latest version of Parallels with Win7 and it runs perfect. It actually seems to run faster on this setup than it does on my Toshiba M645 Win7 Laptop.

    I have been a Parallels user for quite some time and have never had an issue.

  • I Used VMware Fusion for run my Construct 2 on mac :D

  • Mac OS version is not so easy, isn't it? As it would required rewriting all software from scratch in objective c.

    All is up to virtual machine, obvieusly free solutions have more chances to fail and will have same problems with new games, specific software or construct.

    Definitely with time there will be free vm which catch up with paid but again why to give away forever descent level software if you can sell it.

    I am a Mac user and i have vm fusion 4 with vindows 7. No updats to both. Construct 2 is general working.

    Instaling java gave me avability to publish game to html (64bit version - but construct will kindly tell you if you will get an error).

    The demo star ship or whatever name is - is not really working, is slow and there is no control but that may be just demo as ghost hunter is working.

    My mac is 2008 model so I do not bother now and wating for new one to arrive and will give you update. Also will buy fusion 5 which supposed to make instalation smooth.

    The ONLY thing you will miss on Mac without native app is instant preview of html you doing as it need a server. ( in case you want to copy files from windows to mac - which i believe you want - construct suggest coping files to ftp server) But again it's not that bad as apatch is preinstaled and if you switch it in options you can just copy files to websites folder. I will test it too and give an update.

    All best


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