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  • I Want to ask scirra team and all developer, how about when you finish construct2 you may make construct3 for 3D games? This would be tottalty awesome and the next step for the best game development tool. Mostly new games are 3D like subway surf, temple run, etc... SO what do you think developers do you agree?

  • Honestly, I hope they never finish C2 (although they need an additional revenue stream from us, to be honest).

    There are some great 3D platforms out there. $100 on the Unity store will get you a great state machine (playmaker) AND a visual scripting platform (UScript) that replicates a lot of what C2 offers, and throws in a state machine on top that is really quite powerful and has built in handling of 3D object actions.

    For me personally, I prefer Construct remain 2D. I want to make awesome 2D games. Yeah, some of that comes from my complete failure to ever understand how to texture, bump, specular, diffuse, normal 3D objects that I'm pretty terrible at making anyway.

    But that doesn't change that C2 fills a niche, and fills it well, in my opinion. And it just so happens that right now, that niche is what I want to develop towards.

    If Construct went 3D, I just feel like it would get drowned out by some of the big names.   There is simplicity in 2D, and Construct aims to make game development simple. Maybe not easy, but simple.    <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Unity will officially start to support 2d games in 4.3.

    So yes I think Construct 2 should support 3d games soon. If not people will slowly start to migrate to Unity for 2d games also.

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  • PixelHero why bother to get 2 extension such as playmaker and uScript?

  • Personally, I don't see any need for Construct to go 3D: I'd prefer it to keep developing it's strengths and establish itself as the 2D game dev tool of choice. Besides, its target audience, i.e. small teams, individual devs, hobbyists and students, usually don't have enough resources to make more complex 3D concepts so the effort on 3D could potentially be wasted.

    Just IMHO, of course.

  • PixelHero why bother to get 2 extension such as playmaker and uScript?

    Well, if we're talking about the capabilities of Construct 2, event sheets and visual scripting of actions come to mind. You don't need them in Unity, no, but it at least comes close to some of the main features of Construct 2 (other than the built in 2D, of course). I was trying to convey that you could replicate some of the main features that set Construct 2 apart from other 2D engines for the same price as buying Construct 2.

    *shrug* Not trying to recommend or tell people what to buy.

  • I think this is really too early for Scirra to have an opinion on the subject, since Construct 2 is far from finished I think..

    As for 3D or not 3D, I don't really care, I know that if there is a 3D only Construct, I probably won't use it, since I can't make decent models, but it is doable by scirra I think (For the ones who say "An Event system can't work properly in 3D", well, the same was said in 2D before, so, excuse me to not take this argument seriously)

  • first monetization methods (I want LeadBolt or AirPush or TapContext or anything profitable), later dreaming about 3D

    Unity community: 99% working for money

    Stencyl community: 99% working for money

    Construct 2 community: 10% (or less) working for money


  • If cs2 could support 3d models (like sprites) and have them placed on your canvas that would rock ...

    could function something like:

    placed 3d model object on layout, set view angle.

    and have this model and set custom views to be able to be referenced and displayed:

    on action x set 3dmodel visible with custom view X   (it would draw some sort of snapshot on compile/run time of the 3d model with the given view, you could limitless amount of views, like animations with sprites now)

    Perhaps a bit simplistic in thought, but it would give developers the option to import actual 3d models, which get savaged to 2d snapshots, but hey ...

    Oh well .. just a thought ...

  • if they make a simple and understandable 3D editor like the 2D tool inside C2 i would totally use the heck of it

    i tryied unity, blender, torque 3D, UDK, because they are the more advertised and the ones most of the so called famous devs use... and they share the same problems: they are not user friendly(at all) and if you never used a 3D game creation api before... well, you are 3Doomed (bad joke ikno)

    the thing is, construct is very intuitive once you cover the basic and give you freedom to make complex 2D games, it gives you various paths to do the same result (not to mention that the event system MAKE SENSE to me); wich is the detail most of this other tools fail to cover or make it poorly

    if they make a 3D engine with the same flow and feeling i have using C2; then why not give it a try?

  • 3d, would be great of course...but there is so much more magic in 2D to discover, I guess....the best example are the angry birds. conquered the world 2d style!^^

  • We have no plans to add 3D features at this time. We don't even have any plans to make a "Construct 3" at this time. Our intention is to keep issuing free updates for Construct 2 for the foreseeable future.

    From what we've seen, Unity's 2D support is still nothing at all like Construct 2, and it is still a radically different tool. So I do not think there is any great need to change what we are doing in light of that.

  • Just want to add some often overlooked information. Especially concering two fantastic tools.

    C2 is about the VPL and C2 has a killer game api. C2 bundles insane amounts game logic features which I have never seen the likes of in any other toolkit.

    Unity is more like layout mode to the extreme. Unity doesn't have any where near the robust game api as C2. So Unity developers often need to do everything from the ground up. There are plugins but even the most basic platformer which C2 excels at still needs far more ground work.

    So even when Unity 2D is pushed the knowledge that Unity 2D isn't going to be about Platformer, Jumthru.... it's just a toolkit to get 2D running easy on the 3D api. As for everything for gamelogic your back on your own.

    Scirra doesn't need to shift C2 to 3D. But Having a 3D Sprite would be awesome. This would be different than 3D, but instead just let 2D gameplay which C2 does well use 3D sprites.

  • the world most popular most played game is 2d

  • I agree that Unity (Free) + PlayMaker (100$ plugin) is one of the best combos out there (Unity itself is great if you are a good coder) ... But you all forget the great advantage that C2 have over Unity: Construct 2 exports games in HTML5 that works on any HTML5 browser even on lowEnd devices (with or without WebGL).

    The Unity Player is a plugin and only works on PC browsers (like Flash)... And even if Unity team releases an HTML5 exporter I'm pretty sure it will run slow on weaker hardware and will have compatibility issues (Unity uses UnityScript, C# and Boo when HTML5 uses JavaScript).

    Long story short: Both are great software, with Unity you can make better games if you have the necessary resources (coders + artists), but with Construct 2 you can make small games faster and run them on more platforms.

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