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  • 3D looks easier and faster to work with but anyone who has actual experience will tell you its not the case, modelling and animating 3d is not easy or quick, neither are good textures, bump maps etc.

    Construct 2 needs to develop further and BE THE BEST 2D gaming engine, period. Do not divert a small dev team to branch out when Construct 2 still has so much room to improve upon.

  • We have already stated earlier in the thread we have no plans to add 3D at this time.

  • We have no plans to add 3D features at this time. We don't even have any plans to make a "Construct 3" at this time. Our intention is to keep issuing free updates for Construct 2 for the foreseeable future.

    From what we've seen, Unity's 2D support is still nothing at all like Construct 2, and it is still a radically different tool. So I do not think there is any great need to change what we are doing in light of that.

    » Mon Nov 04, 2013 2:59 pm

    I'm curious why C3 is necessary. Hope not that it is only because of money. Is C3 a revolution?

  • The C2 editor has reached it's limits. That's why C3 has to be made. To be able to run on linux, mac too and to include modularity, etc..

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  • this is 2D game engine, like this would be better. keep continue and nice work

  • glerikud its loot work to reach limits.

    Anyone what really C3 will have? 3D objects? Full mmo game editor, own 'spriter' ?

  • Good 2d engine is better than medium 2d-3d.

  • Good 2d engine is better than medium 2d-3d.

    I agree.

    Anyone what really C3 will have? 3D objects? Full mmo game editor, own 'spriter' ?

    C3 will have full 3D support, life realistic physics engine and VR support. The games made with it will run with 120FPS that you can see on a 60hz monitor, also it supports 16k resolution games. The performance won't be a problem either, because 3D games with 4k textures will run on your washing machine too. Making games with it will be as easy as blinking and it will be completely free. <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_wink.gif" alt=";)" title="Wink">

    I guess that's what a lot users want. But for seriously answering your question: No, it will be 2D, just like C2. We don't know much about it yet, but it will be mainly an editor upgrade to the current one, supporting Windows, Linux and Mac. We're hoping for modularity. Also it will be compatible with C2 projects. Check out the offical landing page:

  • glerikud I'd love if C3 had support for my 2D retro-arcade-styled game to run at 30FPS solid-all-the-time

    And although it sounds like people are just whiners/dreamers/unreal, users just want something that doesn't feel like an update but rather want an actually new program, especially since they will be paying for it (in some form, anyway). The differences between CC and C2 are huge, that's what we'd hope for C3. For a mainly editor-only update, I would hope that third party developers can make very powerful plugins for the editor, so that Quazi's Q3D plugin can handle the 3D while Scirra keep working on the 2D.

  • glerikud I'd love if C3 had support for my 2D retro-arcade-styled game to run at 30FPS solid-all-the-time

    It must be 60fps. Even snes run games at 60fps.

  • It must be 60fps. Even snes run games at 60fps.

    Hehe, well yeah that would be a whole other level of awesome!

  • ... I can wait until C4 for that dream though

    Gimme multi-core performance 144fps 2.5d and a button that reads my mind and makes the game for me plox kkthxbai.

    /sillyness aside, Id rather not wait 5-10 years before 60FPS HTML5 single-core performance becomes a reality, personally.

    More than likely going to need to wait for an HTML6 let alone a C4... or some sort of new language made by Jon Blow or John Carmack, utilized best with its own construct/unity-esque & modular editor.

  • megatronx Jayjay Demetari

    but Ashley said that he already saw some Crosswalk games running in 60fps...

  • Demetari Same here to the second part <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">

    szymek I can make a game run 60fps in HTML5, but can I make my (big) game run that fast? Well in the case of PC games, technically yes, if I only expect super gaming machines to play my game. The problem is that I need the average Steam user to play it in order to have any sort of customer base, and their specs on average are not that high

    The best thing yet though is the set_minimum_fps action, which lets us now decide how frameskip works. I would rather hear complaints of "It's really slow!" than "My character fell through the floor" or other things that get strange when collisions and behaviors fail (due to large dT values).

    Customers can understand that their PC shouldn't be playing the game when it's slow, but random glitches make it look like a bad game rather than just a game that they need to upgrade their PC for.

    Also, if collisions are indeed skipping, and your game logic is dependent on said collisions systems, then it's safe to say your game is skipping logic at the same time as collisions skip, so with R210 and up it is great because instead of 10fps minimum before game slowdown, it's 30fps (a good middle road from my testing). Much less chance of collisions skipping without sacrificing too much speed for lower end PCs. (Thanks for this feature by the way Ashley!)

  • Maybe it has already been discuted, but does anyone know if Construct 3 will have a "children family" feature for the families ? C2 is greatly lacking this.

    Like a family "enemy" and a subfamily "shooter" which herits all the properties from enemy but have their own properties.

    Then you could do "if shooter collision with player -> shooter decreases HP" where HP is an "enemy" property which from "shooter" inherits.

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