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  • Hey I agree that some form of a 3D sprite would be insanely cool. For background purposes it could really make a game look much more impressive ,especially if you have an infinite side scroller. However I don't even know if that would be possible? Making a move to 3D Construct would be silly, however a 3D sprite of some kind would look really amazing.

    jayderyu   Great idea !!!

  • jayderyu 3d sprite?i think that its not difficult to do it if you model an object and render it from different views via blender or any other modelling software.the thing is the memory usage for animating it during the game.for mobile platforms it really will burn down the device and the smoke will smell like a cocoon on fire.

    Many of us

    3d? construct 3? a proper scirras wrapper?not a 3rd party wrapper? ok i really miss the song from aerosmith... dream on!!!

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  • +1 for 3d sprites. If we could import 3d sprites with either baked or intact bones animation that would be absolutely awesome.

    Otherwise, if you want to go 3d, use Unity - with playmaker it's relatively easy to get up and running.

  • The only thing id like is 3d volumetric lighting (sorry if that doesnt make sense) but how beautiful is that in 2d games :D

  • sosensible agree with that and also youve got to agree that the most popular transportation method was the horse for about 3000+ years.this dont stop us to have bicycles not to mention cars right? what im trying to say is that evolution never stops and its not right to close our eyes in bigger challenges.c2 is a good (maybe the best) 2d game engine why not to make it better? pac man is a great 2d game tetris,galaga etc...if i choose what to play now i will choose modern warfare.and believe me my first console was atari 2600 back in the 80s.different era's different needs.

    railslave oh yeah...this is something we need for sure.

  • Do what you do best. The primary reason why Construct is such a damn good 2d game engine is because the developers focus on developing a well thought out 2d game engine.

    Adding full 3d would only confuse matters, and they would have to compete in a very different market. That market is quite saturated at this point.

    So no: the right tool for the right job - if you want full 3d, go with Unity, or another 3d engine.

  • I think C2 is the best 2d game dev tool out there. To go 3d, Scirra would be playing a pointless game of catch-up against mature 3d tools with large dev teams.

    The biggest challenge for most indies is simply finishing a project. It is hard to keep an unpaid team together for an epic project. And if you finish, 3d does not increase your chance of success. It will still most likely be a flop.

  • C2 should stay 2D no questions about it. C2 should stick to what it does and does extremely well, instead of trying to branch into new markets. If people want to make a 3D game with a visual scripting system built in for free they have the UDK. UDK offers their visual scripting system known as Kismet and it works similarly to C2's event sheet. Granted Kismet is not nearly as robust in my experience, but it can do some fairly powerful things. I was able to create a floor piano that played all the proper notes you could walk on in UDK all through Kismet. As far as Construct 3 is concerned, I would like to see them continue the free updates on C2 instead of re-inventing the wheel and am glad to hear that is their plan. Side note, having worked with Unity, UDK, RPG Maker, and C2. C2 so far has the very best online community when it comes to support & feedback which is why I go with C2 every time.

  • One more vote here for Construct 2 to stay purely 2d.

  • I dont want 3d games that much in Construct but really all i want is big boost of performance in C2

  • Yes same here, Construct Need to keep 2D but :

    boost performance (memory management,...)

    add more advanced feature using shader (lighting system, ect..)

  • maybe in 5+ years. Let C2 get finished first :P

  • I certainly wouldn't mind seeing C2 allow us to make games fashioned like Sonic 3D Blast from the Genesis/Saturn days... but that game was Hardly 3D in my opinion; more isometrically 2.5d really.

  • I love construct 2 and it most definetly does not need 3D (3d sprties would be cool though).

    What Scirra NEEDS to do is start focusing on the monetizing features in C2.

  • Id'say to Scirra ppl that they should not add any 3D thingies, those are just waste of Developer-time.. Since the dev recouses are extremely limited, it's better just concentrate to make everything there is good even more stable and efficient.

    Current behaviouys&objects are good start and I'd like to see some way to have 'approved 3rd party expensions' So that I'd be able to tell that those are really well tested, stable etc etc..

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