Consider Cocoon if XDK is not working (updated)

  • yea totally understood.. you can waste a lot of time trying to find the perfect revenue options.. so many services.. even we have numerous options.. though most of them are fraught with errors..

    that's why i just go with what works and don't look back. sure one service might pay more than the other, but until a game hits some kind of reasonably serious number it's pointless.. as long as some monetization is working.. good enough.. save all that extra time making better games.. if you have a hit game, then worry about getting $0.04 per click than $0.02..

  • part12studios Have you tried Buildbox? It;s suppose to be the easiest of them all compared to C2, Stencyl, and Gamesalad. But the pricing is just ridiculous.

    Looked into it - of course only youtube, because there is no trial version (and that has a reason)

    It's by far the easiest game engine. On the other side, it's also the most limited - you only can do very limited stuff.

    So if you plan to make a SuperMario you can't do, because some features are missing (since the last update you now can teleport).

    Also, if you look at the tutorials you see a lot of bugs during the demonstration and because you only type in some parameters you can't fix them on your own.

  • That buildbox looks proper dodgy, seems very SEO going through the website.

  • wizdigitech

    From my tests in trying to build with Appodeal I've run into issues when building the Developer App. When you build normally I don't get the build errors. So i'll just stick to Admob for now since not being able to use a Developer App slows down my development by alot.

  • That buildbox looks proper dodgy, seems very SEO going through the website.

    I looked into it some time ago. They go on and on about how successfull "their games" are but that has nothing to with Buildbox but rather the publisher Ketchapp who are buying traffic like crazy. Buildbox it self is more like a scam. Every video they put out is made to have the same look and feel as an Apple commersial.

  • did you follow my tutorial

  • did you follow my tutorial

    Yes I did.

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  • everyone yea buildbox is very much a cash grab.. they actually made a prior game engine which also cost thousands.. it is still in need of features and support so you can see a pattern.. make a new engine.. show how you can make games like the big boys.. get rich.. all for only $2675... total scam.

    Yes of course we want to show you how you can make hundreds of thousands of dollars like the 4-5 developers we interview making ridiculous money.. we want you to make another game to compete with our games so you can learn all our secrets..

  • i just update the tutorial 100% working i forget to put that part in lol

    sign up here

    then go to tutorial here ... onstruct-2

  • wizdigitech are you directly part of appodeal? just curious how connected are with them. Just a fan of the service?

  • just a regular guy like you but i am home not doing anything so except playing with construct 2 all day

    i would say just a fan, i spend lots of lots of lots of lots sleepless night trying to get appodeal plugin to work in my game so basically i know the tricks to get it to work and i real like how fast they solve my problem.

    i am appodeal number one fan also now seen i get it to work in my game dwl.

  • wizdigitech well we appreciate your efforts!

  • Part of the problem is Intel had acquired the crappy appMobi's HTML5 developer tools and re-branded to Intel XDK , but it's still crappy inside unless they are willing to re-write the whole thing like

  • yea feel bad for xdk.. it's not terrible.. it has some cool features.. but yea the methods of handling plugins / troubleshooting projects is awful.. sometimes.. even if it can work.. after a few failed attempts deleting/creating new projects.. re-importing git paths.. etc.. it's just a time vacuum.. do one thing wrong, not sure what.. and have to basically blow everything out.

    but really.. what CORDOVA really needs is an honest to god simulator.. a way to test f'n plugins IN a computer.. not on some device.. so absurd that you can't test banner ads.. IAP.. etc.. without putting them on a real device.. a terrible debugging process..

  • I was thinking this morning, cocoon should do a desktop exporter, one that's smaller and faster than nw.js.

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