CocoonJS and Layout-by-Layout loading

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  • Q: is Ludei planning to implement Layout-by-Layout loading? to avoid memory spikes at the starting of app?

    A: "We're not affiliated to Scirra and the goal of our technology is to empower HTML5 games, an not being attached to a certain exporter. It's not in our roadmap at all.

    By the way, from now on, please use to post your doubts."

    FYI Ashley

    p.s. recently I saw that there is no progress bar etc. on CooconJS anymore. Just black screen after "powered by Ludei" logo.

  • Isn't supposed about WebGL introduces layout-by-layout loading?

  • Baffling and disappointing. There is nothing specific about our engine about memory management. It's just about how they load ordinary Javascript Image objects, which they currently do incredibly inefficiently, and if they did it like a real browser it would be fine. I am at a loss as to why they are so insistent about this.

  • This really takes away all my hope to make a proper mobile game. It's sad, I bought construct 2 because it clearly says on the first website page, that this software can export to mobiles. I didn't expect that this means, that I can either have a lagy game, or one that can only support one level due do ram usage.

    I am not sure what to do at this stage, I love construct 2 and the communication the developers maintain with their community.

    But let's be honest, the only way to make a successful game is in the mobile market. Steam, Xbox, Kongregate, etc etc. All just mere peanuts compared with the numbers you can achieve with a mobile game.

    Sadly, everyday it looks more and more like Unity is the only option here. Ludei is crazy. They talk about 3D games, apps, at twitter they even mentioned google glasses at same stage. And at the same time, they can not even make sound play right.

    Sorry for the whiny post, but I feel like in a bad relationship :(

  • Disappointing is right. Mobiles have major memory constraints, and as such memory management is simply essential for having anything more than a very small game, even in tools that are not c2.

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  • Just to be clear. The OP posted the question

    "Q: is Ludei planning to implement Layout-by-Layout loading? to avoid memory spikes at the starting of app?"

    This is directly related to C2. There is no such things as Layouts in the programming or game design. this is a C2 thing only. This is realted directly to how C2 handles levels, object grouping and memeory management. The question proposed does not focus on memory management.

    The answer and this is important to note. Does not talk about memory mangement.

    "A: "We're not affiliated to Scirra and the goal of our technology is to empower HTML5 games, an not being attached to a certain exporter. It's not in our roadmap at all."

    Instead the answer only directly focuses on C2 export. The OP question was wrong. Instead the OP should have asked "Will CocoonJS offer and provide better memory management so that we can make larger games".

    So please don't get on Ludie case about the answer. There is nothing disappointing about the answer as the question doesn't target the problem.

  • Hmm, I suppose it's true that they might not recognize the phrase 'layout by layout loading' to mean memory management.

  • Semantics aside, taken at face value, this statement has the potential to lose Ludei thousands of C2 users, which makes no business sense whatsoever.

  • shocking response from ludei, i cant see how they become a paid service with support like this, i've emailed them 2 questions about a week ago, no response yet :/

    now that android get their new export option, would ios be next??

  • jayderyu

    please ask Ludei with right question,

    thanks in advance :)

  • heh. I did. They gave a vague answer possibility answer. Not on the immediate roadmap though :(. But it wasn't a no answer either.

    To be honest. I'm still not really happy with them at all :( Though they have shown improvement the last few months.

    Personally I'm hopping for Crosswalk to turn out well. But that still leaves the IOS side still a problem.

  • Crosswalk should have great memory management and fast startup times. I'd highly recommend switching to that for Android.

  • I think what some people have forgotten is that C2 - as it states HERE - is primarily a HTML 5 game creation system, with the added bonus of being able to target other systems.

    Unfortunately, many are blinded by the options for mobile, which, whilst understandable, is not really Scirra's fault.

  • Ashley

    Except for the fact that the decision to use the XDK is a Cloud Compile system with a 25MB cap limit. Which makes the memory management useless. If your game is 25MB total. You don't really need the memory management do you.

    Instead if your suggesting to use the new Crosswalk. Then implement Crosswalking compiling directly instead of using Intel XDK.

    Also IOS doesn't have Crosswalk yet. Though hopefully it will. If XDK can go then I think Scirra can actually finally have a proper Android export. Until then I think the Android Export should be called Intel XDK NEW.

  • zenox98 If C2 isn't really intended to be an engine that exports to mobile, then that should be made very clear so that people who want to develop on mobile can switch to other engines.

    Fortunately, it looks like Scirra does want to support a solid mobile export - thank goodness!

    Ashley, is there a possibility of a similar iPhone export in the future, with memory management and all that?

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