CocoonJS and Layout-by-Layout loading

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  • zenox98 you might want to re-read the link you posted. I do recall last year that mobile was an optional, but not focused on export. But there was a change at some point and the entire page treats mobile export equally as PC.

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  • Ashley

    Except for the fact that the decision to use the XDK is a Cloud Compile system with a 25MB cap limit. Which makes the memory management useless. If your game is 25MB total. You don't really need the memory management do you.

    Just to clarify, the 25 MB represents the packaged (download) size of the app, which can be very different than the RAM usage of the app. Our 17 MB zipped app actually uses about 100 MB of RAM. We've done everything we can (short of just chopping out content) to bring this down from our original RAM usage of about 300 MB. We have about 10 layouts, each requiring less than 10 MB of RAM, but we're held to that 100 MB total upon loading which stinks. The app runs, but it takes forever to load, and we would benefit greatly from better management.

    That said, I'm not saying the cloud compilation is the ideal solution, but I'm very happy that we have another option even though Android is our secondary platform, with iOS being the primary.

  • It really limits what we can currently achieve too. We have the same problems with our English vocabulary apps. We require a lot of pictures, but are limited to about 100 vocabulary pictures at the moment (assets no more than 7MB) so we can't really sell our apps or use IAP and are limited to ads.

    Our layouts are no bigger than our screen sizes. We make great efforts to only use the pictures that are needed for each level (the pictures are on an unused layout), which does help a bit, but all the pictures are decompressed into system RAM, at least on Android 2.x.

    Strangely I get 100MB RAM use on Android 2.x (Galaxy S and mini) but only 25MB on my Sony Xperia S (4.1) - so either the Sony handles images better, Android 4.x does or CocoonJS works differently on 4.x. Perhaps the app usage info is not accurate on 4.x, but games do resume very quickly.

    Can anyone confirm whether this layout by layout loading issue just with 2.x or applies to 4.x too? Our games are designed to run on 2.x so we haven't tried pushing 4.x to see how many vocabulary images we can use on 4.x. The 2.x market share is decreasing rapidly so I'm starting to worry less about supporting it.

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