CocoonJS banner ads stopped showing?

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  • Curious if anyone else has noticed this over the past few days.

    I am getting requests, but no impressions. It appears that either something is broke between Mopub and Admob (and iAds, I use both).

    I was just curious if anyone else had noticed this. It caught my eye as AdMob was warning of my apps not getting requests for the past 3 days.

    Then I noticed these were apps I was using banner ads with CJS and Mopub. My fullscreen ads seem to be not effected.

  • Yeah, I am noticing the exact same thing. I only have one app, and thought no one was playing it, but that doesn't seem to be the cause after looking into it myself. I am not sure where the process is breaking down.

  • Well I have support emails out to MoPub and Ludei.

    I think the issue is on MoPub's side because they are getting the requests from the app, mopub just isn't getting anything from AdMob or iAds

  • I think this is very important...

    You should contact Ludei about that...

    I repeat everytime, I don't understand why developers of software don't care so much about "how make money from ads without problem"... I know cocoonJS is the best platform to publish on iOS, but they doesn't care if the plugin for construct2 need to update (like facebook or something) or if the plugin is old and make some problem...

    Ashley, I think construct2 is the best software to make application in html5, and I think in the near future the new phone will support perfectly the html5 without lag... if construct2 make a easy and good plugin with some company to insert the ADS and add like a subscription a year to use the plugin of construct2 (to maintain the plugin) will be very powerful for everybody...

    a lot of topics are about "how make money with ads..." etc...

    Make games is a hobby for the most of people who use construct2, because who make a "serious" games use different software (more time... no hobby) for my first time, I think construct2 is a powerful software to make a "serious" game...

    I tried another software to make game (corona...etc) and you need so much time to study and make something, with construct2 you need a short time and the performance is incredible... (I try to make a games with lua code, easy but very difficult in some cases...)

    sorry for the off topic, but I think is important... it's good the feature of multiplayer (I love it) but some plugins (like insert ads easly to make money or other to improve the costumers to make money from the app of contruct2) can get a good possibility to make a "job" in this case... and I think everybody who bought a construct2, if we have the possibility to insert a special plugin to insert ads and get a real money would take a subscription to get a "perfect" plugin... I prefer pay and get something working very well (I know, this is about the plugin, construct2 actually is perferct for me)

    is frustrating read topic about the app when something doesn't work because some script need to update or need to make a new one...

  • Well to be fair, this is the first time I have ever had issues with Ads, and I don't believe it's a CocoonJS or C2 problem. Pretty sure it's MoPub, which happens to be the ad service Cocoon supports.

    It's not as easy as just adding support for ads in c2. Each ad service (AdMob, iAds, Inmobi, etc) all have different frameworks or sdks that need to be installed in order for them to work. Then you need to add support for which platform (ios, droid,etc), as they all handle it differently.

    I don't think Ludei gets enough credit around here for all they have actually done in getting most everything working with a single compilation system. It's pretty amazing once you get down to it. Are they slow to update? Sure. I have learned to just work around issues until they are fixed. They have said to me and several others that a new C2 plugin is coming soon. Soon to them could mean a few months.

  • Looks like MoPub just released an update with new video ads a couple days ago...Maybe this update broke their existing platform?

  • ArcadEd I have a same problem yesterday, it's happened to one of my 3 games, but i checked the admob site today, it's going to be normal, the ad show up ad again.

  • I'll check back in the morning, but as of right now, still nothing for me.

  • Same here, yesterday got heaps of impressions, today suddenly zilch.

    It happened a few weeks ago too, when the Ludei CocoonJS server briefly went down.

    I think its on Ludei's end, because CocoonJS actually connects to Ludei servers and log statistics of your game, as well as Ad requests and the typical user stats. I noticed when I went to compile my new game today the cloud server was extremely laggy.

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  • still nothing for my apps too, any news ?

  • I got it working, it was completely my fault. I had created a new segment in mopub and forgot to activate each ad unit.

    Far as I can tell, it was never broken.

  • in my case i made no changes and nothing shows yet

  • Did they ever work?

  • yes they were working then suddenly stopped

  • I have to actually open my app several times before I see the ad, and ideas?

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