Can't Fraps my game anymore

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  • It's been a while since I exported with node-webkit and I noticed some changes, but now the FRAPS overlay won't show up in the .exe build of my game and I can't capture it anymore. Did something change that FRAPS doesn't like?

  • did u try uninstalling it and installing it again? FRAPS sometimes may have bugs that could not function it. usually i solve the problem by closing it and opening it again or when it's not working i uninstall it and install it again. i hope if you could try and re-install it, hope that helped

  • I had this happen to me too a while back I found an alternative though, but I still would much prefer FRAPS. Not sure why this happens.

  • I had this happen to me too a while back I found an alternative though, but I still would much prefer FRAPS. Not sure why this happens.

    What was your alternative? I've gone through a few capture softwares and none of them have worked nearly as well as FRAPS (ie. wouldn't capture system sounds, wouldn't work at all, etc).

  • To be honest I found FRAPS isn't good enough. 'Action!' was much better for me.

  • I'm personally using Bandicam.

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  • Woah I'm super impressed with Action! May end up purchasing it.

    I mean that still doesn't explain Fraps being weird, but thanks!

  • MadameBerry I think fraps record games based on how they render, I personnally do not use it but another one I tried which worked with other games did not work (0 width, 0 height in the video exported), I guess node webkit had changed how it render maybe.

    All based on intuition though, other may know even more.

  • MadameBerry Yeah, 'Action!' gave me by far the best results. The others I tried seemed to have bad frame rates and audio issues. Whereas 'Action!' seems to have less overhead, plus it's pretty cheap to buy a license.

    The only slight negative is that I couldn't trim the video in it. However I used VLC for that.

    Can anyone recommend good video editing software with VFX? I tried MS Movie Maker but it reprocesses the video which ends with poor quality results.

  • TheWyrm, I hope that Avidemux might be what you're after.

  • Colludium I tried Avidemux but didnt notice it did VFX stuff. i.e. adding text, fading effects, etc. Does it do that?

  • Also, if you have a Nvidia card, you can use Shadowplay, I use it and is pretty good.

  • _ TheWyrm, sorry - I thought it did (my memory is failing me!). I have almost always used Movie Maker (in spite of its clunky interface) because it's quick and easy to create a small preview video. If you're seeing quality problems with yours then that could be caused by many things rather than MM - I've always found the video quality more than good enough, as long as you don't try and compress the file too much. It could also be because of the import codec that was used to make the original recording and which doesn't compress well in other formats - I'm just guessing.

    You could use MM to do the editing (if you don't mind the interface) and export the video in custom high quality format, or one that is the same as the input video if you can, to eliminate losses and then convert the output file to whatever you want by using Avidemux. I've also looked into Videopad, which looks really versatile and quite powerful - and it has a free version too!

  • I currently use Bandicam like KFC mentioned. It works great and isn't limited to DirectX games or anything, you can select a region or window or whatever you like (not to do with crashing or lack of disk space, literally just randomly corrupted after an hour of constant recording).

    I've never heard of "Action!" but it sounds great, I might check it out next time I need to record stuff

  • You can try Camstudio which is free ( I use that and Ashampoo Snap( ... oo-Snap-7#) for screen capturing. Serif have a free edition of Movie plus they call the Starter edition ( you can try that out. I know the import limitation is wmv only you can unlock other import options for $9.

    Also almost forgot there is Microsoft Expression Encoder which good and free because they discontinued development and you can edit what you record with it ... x?id=18974.

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