Can't Fraps my game anymore

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  • Fraps doesnt see NW, Nvidia ShadowPlay doesnt see NW, Bandicam doesnt see NW... NW like a ninja at now... (((

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  • Having actually used OBS a bit now, I can say that it really does work great, and is the first screen cap software I've tried (including fraps, which used to work) that is able to capture 60fps gameplay with dropping frames. That it encodes on the fly into h264 is even better. And while it's very powerful and flexible, it's dead easy to use and understand (often the weak point of open source).


    You have an SSD and an i5/i7 right? Just go to 'encoding' and set the bitrate really high, like 25,000, 30,000 or 50,000. The quality will still be really, really good...enough for promo videos, and overkill for youtube. Better than capturing a microscopically sharper image with another program that lags and drops frames.

  • Nvidia ShadowPlay can record desktops, so if you running your game, which is 720p on 1080p screen then you can crop it in post and you will have a movie.

    Didn't test that specifically with NW, but with some other games officially not supported by NV SP. There is also a trick I found to record full screen games, you have to switch desktop recording to on, start recording and then run your game.

  • wow this is still getting replies.

    Trying to record my desktop with FRAPS gives me a black screen. Not sure if that's a problem with my setup or fraps or what.

    I'll look into OBS.

  • This is an issue with Chromium right not NW or Construct as I understand it.

    I think it's a real shame, almost makes me want to hold off releasing my game so that people can easily capture footage of it using the most popular methods.

    OBS does work btw, which is cool.

  • > I had this happen to me too a while back I found an alternative though, but I still would much prefer FRAPS. Not sure why this happens.


    What was your alternative? I've gone through a few capture softwares and none of them have worked nearly as well as FRAPS (ie. wouldn't capture system sounds, wouldn't work at all, etc).

    If you use Nvidia graphics cards, they have started including ShadowPlay in their driver sets. It records incredible quality videos (like many Gb total size).

  • Now typically I’ve been using FRAPS, which so far hasn’t given me any problems. However, when I try to record game video, the game slows to a freaking crawl.

  • Now typically I’ve been using FRAPS, which so far hasn’t given me any problems. However, when I try to record game video, the game slows to a freaking crawl.

    This is an ancient topic, a lot of game recorders have caught up with the web and "browser" specific recording. OBS and similar free software still need to catch up though.

    Probably a CPU bottleneck because C2 games don't have the technology, which distributes the load and improves performance with CPU heavy tasks. Might want to try out the new C3 runtime and the "canvas recording" plugin, should help with recording performance.

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