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  • Hi everyone, i am makeing simple tetris clone game for iphone and faced with strange situation. The game compiled with cacoonjs or intel xdk, runs about 10 times slower (around 6-10 fps), then its html5 version in phone's browser(60-65fps). <img src="smileys/smiley5.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Very odd...

    Do you mind if you share a .capx so I can research about this performance with my iPod 4?

  • Sorry joannesalfa, the game is still in progress and there are some weird techics that i used which i don't whant people to see.

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  • Cocoonjs isn't as fast at executing code as safari is on iOS, so that might be the problem. Try disabling parts of your code and retesting to get an idea of what's causing the performance hit, then try to find ways to reduce the CPU use. If that doesn't work, try making objects or layers invisible to see if it's the rendering.


  • yes i tryed to optimize scene and even doubled the speed, but its steel slow. I can go further but i want some cool fetures that porobably are a bit memory expensive. I expected up to 1000% speed gain as cacoons promised)))

  • It runs fine on my iPod 4, it seems having a lot of objects with collision checks would cause biggest fps dropdown, well, you should replace collision to array or some coordinaces like distance.

    I developed another diamond dash game with help of R0j0Hound.

    This game is not using collision to connect blocks

  • Yes there is a lot of collison checks, but i gues not too many if it runs on 60 fps in safari. actualy i don't know how to use arrays and stuff like that. its my first game, so thanks i'll din into arrais.

  • Ah, by the way, when i turn off all that neighbor detecting collisions nothig changes,it stil runs slower and slower in cocoonjs. with every new piece it looses 5-10 fps

  • Did you turn collision to off to every boxes? then you're getting low fps... it's another weird odd...

    We can't help you if you don't provide .capx, I know you said you won't show your weird tech to people, but there are some developers don't care about your weird code, we would clean the mess, no need to embarass.

  • no i hav deleted the events and collision objects.

  • Ok, first i'll try to fix it by myself, and if nothing helps, i'll put .capx

  • I understand that its stupid to ask such abstract questions. But i thot there is some hint in cocoon or intel xdk to run as fast as safari. moreover i thot that the game should be iven faster when compiled.

  • You may be wary about cloning Tetris, it has strong patents, and Tetris Company won't hesitate take engage a takedown action on the IOS store it seems.

  • I'm not going to sell it,imakeing it just for practice, nevertheless, the Tetris Company owns a copyright of its source code and of certain audiovisual effects of Tetris. This means that I can?t hack into the Tetris Company?s codebase, and copy-and-paste it into my own program. Nor can I steel their music and graphic files and insert them into my program.

    However, I can create my own game (using my own source code, music, and graphics) based on the unpatented Tetris game idea and distribute it publicly.

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