Has anyone gotten the new (r169) twitter plugin to work?

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  • I had a peek at the new twitter plugin, but I can't seem to figure out how to make it work (docs are not up yet).

    A simple set share or set text on a button does not seem to cut it. Also: why are there so many seemingly unrelated conditions and actions on the object?

  • you set the type of button in the properties panel.

    The text and everything else must be stored in the button previously to it being pressed.

    It won't work to load anything "on pressed" or anything like that.

    for instance; in a game with score, when the player dies, set the text to the tweet button, so when the players presses it, the text is already there.

    If you want to change a parameter more than once, you'll need to reload the button after. every time.

    However, for some reason, you can't have 2 tweeter buttons at the same time, guess it's a bug (?)

  • Sargas

    Thanks for the capx, it's working. I understood the whole thing wrong at first, that's why it didn't work. I tried to create my own button (with my own graphics), like with the old mechanism.

    It seems that I will continue to use that instead of the new one, I find the default twitter design quite useless.

  • Eisenhans, considering this is a first release, are you really surprised at the lack of options? I'm just glad we have an official plugin, because since Scirra has shown they are beginning to implement it, there are lots more opportunities with the Twitter API.

    I was also confused at first. I think, yeah, it's a pain the way it's currently set up, having to reload the button every time. But it's not much of a hassle since you can make it work with just one whole additional action.

    Matter of fact, I was gonna make a tutorial on using the basic share functions, but as soon as they fix the layout reset bug with the button.

  • Anyone else figure out how to use our own graphics for the button? Or is this not supported yet?


  • Anyone else figure out how to use our own graphics for the button? Or is this not supported yet?


    Apparently not yet.

    You can however still use the oldschool method described in this tutorial:


    (and of course use your own sprite to click on to call it)

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm super excited about twitter working. That example above totally helped me understand how to get it working in my game, but I'm having a problem.

    When the twitter button is clicked and displays things correctly, when the window goes away, either by me clicking it to post or even just closing it without posting, the game itself refuses to respond.. i can hear sound of clicking, but no actual actions.. does time scale go to 0 or something?



  • I tried to use the Twitter button in beta and with the final release but its still always invisible even if initial visibility is set to true. -.-

    (in Chrome)

    Just tried node-webkit and internet explorer preview and I see a button....

    /Update: Oops! Its working now. There was a plugin blocking Twitter in Chrome.

    Thanks for the great plugin!

  • I have tested Tweet.capx from the #2 post and I got this error


    Javascript error!

    TypeError: self is undefined

    http://localhost:50001/Twitter_plugin.js, line 126 (col undefined)

    This is likely a bug in Construct 2 or a third party plugin or behavior - please report it to the developer. Subsequent errors will be logged to the console


    I am trying Chrome/Firefox and Node-webkit with the same results.

    Windows7, Construct2 r174.

    On my other proyects I had the same error when I try to reload the twitter button, and the app hangs, anyone has a fix for that?

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  • Bump this one, anyone has the same issue? (previous post)

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