[Answered] Does C2 make complete sprite sheets?

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  • Hi everyone,

    So I have this project that's done, but it consists of over 100 individual png files. It almost seems like there should be some way for C2 to automatically compile those into sprite sheets to speed up the download times and save graphic memory (i think)

    I know there is the tile map feature..

    texture packer is a program that comes to mind that does this very well. I just wonder if this is a feature I'm overlooking or if there is something 3rd party that folks often use for this.



  • I'm pretty sure it does so automatically on export, placing images into a texture atlas... Or at least I though?

  • DatapawWolf is right. It's all done automatically when you export. What would be nice tho would be to be able to export sprite sheets manually, and let the editor read from that pre-made sprite sheet if available.

  • hmmm when i export an HTML5 project (most basic option) I have a folder filled with tons of individual files. Is there some option I'm not checking or something? I don't see anything that would indicate "make spritesheets". Minify from what I can tell just obfuscates the code, but i admit i have limited access to this mode because I can't seem to get 64bit java installed on my windows 8.1 in bootcamp.. :P

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  • I believe it only bundles animations into spritesheets, not individual sprites. Export the example, Space Blaster, and you'll see the results.

  • yea that makes sense, but man wouldn't it be nice to have all of the graphics grouped together? seems like it would save download time. My project has 189 individual png graphics.. makes for longer upload and download times.. but yea thanks for confirming that i wasn't missing out on something..

    the other question is could an external program like texture packer produce sprite sheets and json or some other format to where C2 would know where to look to find a file..

    this of course sounds like it could get messy quick without C2 directly involved in the integration..

  • You could manually make them, I've made a tutorial for this very matter which can be found at https://www.scirra.com/tutorials/615/creating-a-clean-sprite-sheet

  • that looks good for consistent sized images, but in my case all of the graphics are various sizes and shapes.

    so a sprite sheet would look more like this:


    I would imagine going with your approach it could be done, but it would require a lot of wasted space to accommodate the various inconsistent sized images.

  • I understand your point however, if you sort your types of images to seperate sheets. NPCs for 1 sheet, foilage for another ect, then you could use the crop in Construct 2 (holding shift) will crop all image in that animation. Anyhow hope you find your answer :)

  • awesome thanks LI0NHART :) I got the answer, I was just hoping for a different one, but i'm no longer left wondering! =D



  • ShoeBox is good for managing spritesheets


  • For pixelart and spritesheet creation: http://www.aseprite.org/

  • I also recommend shoebox for what you're asking for. But I do believe C2 does it on runtime. That is, I don't think it will save any more seconds off your loading times. To have a high quality sprite sheet for your entire game would be highres and in the MB range.

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