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Human/Character Base Pixel Art Sprites in various poses (nearly 100 files)
  • infinite looping of your gifs rocks! which tools do you use for converting these gifs?

    Well, most of the magic happens because of the sine setting the values or just preparing them in such a way that they repat at a predictable regular intervals, be it 1,2 or 4 seconds.

    A crowd favorite (and I believe one of the first apps of this type (just click and go) is gifcam:

    But gifcam doesn't let you set capture frame size with numbers and doesn't let you set precise length, so I ended up with the awesome LICEcap:

    You can set the size, set a framerate, and when you hit record you get to set extra options, like time, show mouse clicks, etc. It doesn't have built in pixel-precise positioning, but that is easy to overcome using Windows tools - Alt+Space for a menu, press m for "move" then use cursor keys for big jumps or ctrl+cursor keys for 1 pixel jumps and hit Enter to confirm.

    Since my machine is a little old (coming up on 6 years and it's a laptop) some of these suffer a little from choppiness, but at least LICEcap intelligently changes the framerate to compensate so the overall movement is preserved - which also helps with that seamless looping.

    the central distro place is very useful against this massive flood of awesome plugins.

    Massive flood, heh, heh... But yeah, I got ideas for more.

    All I gotta say is "wow." Nice work on all of these! I especially like the show every x y pixel. : D

    Thanks, "wow" I like <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">

    If anyone comes up with creative uses of these do share them - we can all benefit. Or, if you feel like "Well, these dots are cool, but how about having an actual grid instead of dots?" - let me know, Somebody might do something about it <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">

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  • Somebody

    Thanks for these they are great

  • spongehammer - it's on the list... I'm still learning, but skew per se should be easy enough. The trouble is most of the documentation for this stuff seems to be basically the sort of thing that goes "Pfwah, who doesn't know how to vec4 the rgb element with the a value of the background sampler and then mix that via a texture2D command with the separate tex parts, just don't forget that everything here is premultiplied". And I'm like... ...what?

    So I have figured out simple things, like moving some pixels around and working with separate things, like color OR alpha. The moment we get to mixing different things I'm at a loss. So for now it's simple little things while trying to keep them as lean as possible.

  • Hehe thats fine by me thanks anyway.

  • I know someone mentioned Skew.. that would be great to see

    If you're looking for other shaders to try, how about skew?

    Did Somebody say "skew"? Somebody did!

    For when that texture just cannot stand straight. As with Flag I base the "logic" of the shader around C2's approach to angles and object bases - so if our base is left-center and then we rotate an item upwards so it stands "upright" the skew happens on the vertical axis while it is "sideways". Just check the .capx, it's simple, really.

    That little jitter is my attempt at "realism" in grass. There's also another version coming with a slightly different behaviour.

    Added to the distro.

  • Somebody

    Ha Wow that was quick work!

  • Added a slightly different version that skews and bends (which looks more natural in most cases):

    It's obviously called Skend and has been added to the repo.

  • A shader a day keeps the... graphics card warm?

    Well, they can't all be winners, but here's Monitor - basically a one-color tint with adjustable "dynamic range". Might be neat combined with Dots.



    Added to the distro. But not front... because this one's a bit 'meh'.

  • These are all very useful. Much thanks, sir.

  • Somebody

    Can u please enable the "RaceTrack" addon also for Y axes.

    At this moment i can only make it go on X.

  • Savvy001 - you mean like a vertical scrolling version? Or adding a Y coordinate to the current one (since it's locked to one direction so the "motion blur" makes sense - otherwise it would just be mush)?

    Well, anyhow, I have now replaced Racetrack with Racetrack H and Racetrack V for all your racetrack needs

  • Somebody

    I meant vertical racetrack, but i see u already made it


  • Alright, built another effect, this one took some testing, but eventually came out usable - Tabletop (are the names getting weird yet?)

    It basically shifts the image in "perspective" just with 0 regard to any perspective laws. You can use it as a poor man's taper if you wish. Not bad for interfaces as seen in the example GIF.

    Added to first page and distro.

    NOTE: I feel like the fake perspective shouldn't be too tough, but don't have the head for math this evening - if someone could take a look that would be great. It's almost like a poor man's R0J0hound 's mode 7 effect (without rotation, though). I feel like it should be more efficient, though as there's barely any math being done so it could be used for some mild pseudo-3D stuff (like racing games).

  • Great job! I'll definitely play around with these, thx!

  • Well, I did put "nearly daily" in the title so here we go - Cinematic:

    Might be neat for a modern fps style GUI or just making things breathe. Accepts positive and negative values.

    Added to repo and first post.

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