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  • A day without a new effect? Not on my watch! Say hello to Seamless - basically just Shift but with repeating pixels:

    Wonder how efficient this would be for repeating backgrounds (put it on a layer, just add stuff freely and it auto-scrolls, yay). Let's see...


    Added to the main listing.

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  • That last effect had me thinking - how about adding a pseudo "motion blur" to that scrolling... wouldn't that look neat?

    Say hello to Racetrack - the weirdest named effect so far - just like the matrix it has to be seen, so try this (hold right to speed up): ... index.html

    It has independent scrolling and "motion blur" parameters so you can just use it as plain "motion blur" on a layer where you move things fast. To understand how this works I'm including the demo .capx: ... .capx?dl=0

    Added to the main listing.

  • [quote:2qhfs7fk]Please try my "official" capx - it should do exactly what the demo one does: ... .capx?dl=0


    your Dissolve.capx reacts as mine. It starts dissonvilng but suddenly it apeears completely.

  • frcol - can you do one last quick test for me - do any of the built-in functions that use random values (noise, noisemask) appear somewhat strange as well?

    And please try this version of Dissolve: ... addon?dl=0

  • Well, might as well...

    Another new effect - Frosted:

    I'd really like to make it sample background pixels and mix them with itself at a ratio, but lack the skill to do so. Can someone who gets this tell me how do I combine the usual front or back with moving pixels around and then combine the result into a gl_FragColor friendly format?

  • Hi Somebody,

    noise does not work correct either in Safari and Chrome iPad3.

  • Hi Somebody,

    noise does not work correct either in Safari and Chrome iPad3.

    But does the new dissolve work now? If you can please try the other new effect - Frosted - as well.

  • ... addon?dl=0

    The URL is broken.

    Where can I find the frosten link donwload?


    The URL is broken.

    Where can I find the frosten link donwload?

    Look on the first post, there's now a shared folder with all the latest versions and sample .capx'es

  • Dissolve and frozen worked perfect now!

    The problems with Construct´s Effects must be the same of yours.

  • Dissolve and frozen worked perfect now! <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">

    The problems with Construct´s Effects must be the same of yours.

    Awesome! The problem was actually with the random number system used by the default effects, which I also used thinking it is the best way. But it's not - first of all there's the problem we see of it not working on certain mobile GPUs, but also the results it produces aren't as random as could be.

    So I started doing research and found this awesome blog post from a fine gentleman by the name of ajgryc: ... gl-es-2-0/ - where he nicely explains why the "standard" random system is bad and also provides a better one. One that I now use in all the shaders that have random bits.

    I'll also ping Ashley here just in case he'd like to fix the default shaders, but he'll probably ask for the proper bug report which cannot be provided as it's device specific and so it'll probably fade away as usual. But just in case the reason and solution are right in the link above. If he'd like to help out those working for mobile it's as easy as implementing that code.

  • Awesome!

    Good job.

  • So, "Allen T" was looking for a way to make a flat spinning disc and I though - well, just use a built-in scale shader on a layer and... wait, there is no built-in scale shader? Say hello to "Scale":

    Just scales the contents of a sprite/layer by the given percentage. Bad things will happen if something is over the edge (or maybe you want that sort of an effect actually).

    Add to the top post and repo.

  • infinite looping of your gifs rocks! which tools do you use for converting thease gifs?

    the central distro place is very useful against this massive flood of awesome plugins.

  • All I gotta say is "wow." Nice work on all of these! I especially like the show every x y pixel. : D

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