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  • We have released shader effect #13 - Voronoi Effect. Please head over to our website to see the demo in action.

    In case any one does ask, the shader zip file is absolutely free for the Scirra 2 community. If you want the zip file, just head over to our Patreon page, select to become a patron and choose "No Reward". You pay nothing - $0. Zip. Nada. And you get access to all our stuff put up on Patreon for free. But, really it's entirely up to you.

  • I like your work!

  • Thanks!

  • [quote:3bv3m95h]In case any one does ask, the shader zip file is absolutely free for the Scirra 2 community

    How? When I need to pay at least something to be a patron in the first place?!

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  • Click on "Be a patron" and choose "No Reward" and let me know if you cannot get the shader demo from over here. I'm still playing around with the Patreon settings and haven't tested all options yet. Thanks.

  • Thanks for the reply necromaster

    I'm happy to donate a $1 but thought I would mention it as you previously stated it was free for the construct community.

    I have chosen no reward but the Pledge Amount still needs to amount to something greater than $0

  • Ok... got it. I think I know what to do then.

  • Done... please test and see if you can download both the Plasma and Voronoi shader effects... for free, as long as you are a patron.

  • And if anyone has shader requests, let me know.

  • Hi necromaster

    Thank you for prompt effort however I still cannot obtain this effect via your suggested instructions - Don't feel obliged to hurry for my requirement though I'm just messing around

    tbh I think your terms and conditions of 'pledging' to donate per release, game or otherwise are enough to scare most away..

    I would be happy to donate a sum should effects be readily available, especially considering the number of your recent contributions but a sign up is really a no go

  • Ok... noted your suggestions. Possibly a pack of special effects then. Or I can just stick with regular donations (though I have never ever seen that moving before).

  • Possibly a pack.. Maybe even going through the Scirra store?! I have no idea of the commercials of that though or the approach?!

    Maybe a member of the team can comment...

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