Wind effect

Animated wind effect for objects, grass, trees, etc.

Animated wind effect for objects, grass, trees, etc.

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  • 1.1.0

    Released: 16 Feb, 2021

    First release.

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Construct 3 animated Wind effect with the following parameters.

  • speed: "The speed of the wind movement."
  • minStrength: "The minimal strength of the wind movement. (0-1)"
  • maxStrength: "The maximal strength of the wind movement. (0-1)"
  • strengthScale: "Scalefactor for the wind strength."
  • interval: "The time between minimal and maximal strength changes."
  • detai: "The detail (number of waves) of the wind movement."
  • heightOffset: "The height where the wind begins to move. (0-1)"
  • Use to keep the base of the sprite stationary (e.g. lower tree trunk)
  • time-offset: "timeOffset"
  • Use to offset the shifting of the wind in time, so all the objects do not change in lockstep.
  • opacity: "The opacity, from 0 (transparent) to 100 (opaque)."
  • color: "The color to apply."

Notes: if you see an issue with the wind effect working vertically instead of horizontally, change your sprite image to be a square (same x,y size.) This issue is due to C3 occasionally rotating images in spritesheets to pack the sprite sheet - if you change the image size to square, the rotation will not occur.

Notes: parameters for color and opacity. Use these effect parameters instead of the Instance color and opacity (this is due to a C3 issue with distortion effects when they are partially outside of the viewport.) Also, if there are issues with multiple effects, try making the wind effect at the top effect list.

Add some transparency to the left and right of the sprite depending on how much the Sprite will be moving.

Adapted from my C3 Effect SimpleSkend and : VL3AfV8D.

Tree art credits: : pixel-art-simple-trees

XpMonster's avatar
5 months ago

Blows Away :)

Nice effect at a good cost.

Though doesn't draws outside of object's image box, but that's only a little inconvenience and you can solve this by increasing width in image editor.

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