Something is broken with r166

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  • Ashley updated with fix files, performance still much slower than r165

  • damainman - please post a new thread if it's unrelated to this topic. Did you try pressing 'Reset dialogs' in Preferences?

    hollowthreat - we have other users saying it's significantly faster, and the code is definitely more efficient, so it's strange that you say it's slower. How much difference is it and how consistent is it across different browsers/platforms? What does the profiler say in r165 vs r167? That should give a clear indication of the where the difference is if it's big.

  • Ashley

    in r167 node-webkit preview mode still lag (r164 is smooth), but after exported , the project work smoothly .

  • Ashley no more performance issue after i restart ipad3, so its probably not a C2 problem, it was just weird...

    with further testing, now i'm experiencing miss trigger sometimes, this does not happen everytime so i can't understand why its happening, its the first trigger of a 'on start of layout', calling a 'function' from another included event sheet.

    testing on R167+fix, cocoonjs 1.4.7 launcher on ipad3 & iphone5, miss trigger only happen on slower ipad3, no problem on iphone5 so far.

  • hollowthreat - you need to be able to reproduce it in a minimal project, following all the guidelines, to get it even properly investigated. Maybe start a new thread. r167.2 just went out and I think given everyone else in this thread says it's working I'd be happy to make it a stable release, but please do try to properly demonstrate the problem if you think something really is wrong otherwise it might not make the stable update.

  • Ashley ok, i'll check my events again, see if I made any mistakes, its probably difficult to reproduce the issue in 'minimal' project, the project i'm having issue has lots triggers in 'on start of layout', and miss trigger only happens on slower device, i'll give it a go anyway.

    btw, does the order of include event sheet make any differences?

  • hollowthreat - yes, the order of all events is important.

    Closing this report as the original issue should now be fixed.

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  • I'm having the same issue with triggers triggering twice. For me it's most obvious with "on collision" events that add score or control damage. it adds double the damage or gains double the score. It started happening out of nowhere, as I added more events. I noticed I can get around this by using "on overlap" event with a trigger once. I have over 1400 events in the main game event sheet. Like Lunatrap said, it seems to be related to the amount of events and not the events themselves. I suppose I could create a clean capx with a lot of events and see if it still occurs...

    I also noticed construct 2 itself becomes progressively unstable as the events get up into the thousands. I use it anywhere from 8-16 hours a day and it crashes at least once per hour.

  • suntank this problem has been should post another thread to see if your problem has a different source for the probelm

    edit: about the crashing happens with large projects....but i have not been able to find a solutions that works... so i have lerned to live with it :/

  • I think i may have been spawning in two of the player's ship on top of itself so it was running every calculation twice. I feel like a bad person

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