iOS WKWebView (XDK) music crash "servers already up" error

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  • As per our usual bug report guidelines we much prefer if you can send a minimal project, and the bug report guidelines include a guide on how to create that if you have a full project. If that doesn't work out though you can send a .capx to - ideally at least with all third-party plugins removed.

  • Thanks Ashley i've sent you my Capx!

  • this bug was never fixed, Construct 2 currently doesn't support a good iOS export method.

  • this bug was never fixed, Construct 2 currently doesn't support a good iOS export method.

    You can fix the bug as my suggestion with editing the runtime. But it will cause issues with those on iOS9.

    It's not the fault of Scirra (really). Apple keeps on changing their methods with each iOS iteration, it is very painful for a lot of other devs too. Basically if u want your game to work on iOS10 or newer, you have to neuter your game for older iOS.

    This means devs are forced to pick and they always pick the newer iOS. The result is gamers have to upgrade to newer iOS or they don't get to play some games. It's sad when older iDevices are not eligible for newer iOS though so these ppl are the ones who suffer most... unless they buy a new shiny iDevice.

    Funny how it all works out eh?

    Well, hopefully with your CAPX and such, Ashley is able to resolve this in a way that's good for both iOS9 or 10.. but if that doesn't happen, expect it to be compatible for the newer iOS.

  • i solved the problem with your solution and some extra tweking, but yeah apple is the one that created the error but in other engines it work just fine :/

  • I just got sent a .capx this week, so I'll look in to it. To say we're busy right now would be an understatement though! It won't last forever and I'll get to it.

    I must emphasise yet again that the bug report guidelines are there to make it possible for us to fix the bug. If you ever think it's taking too long to fix a bug, read the guidelines and try to follow them even more closely. In this case it took me three months to get anybody to send me a .capx, which adds three months to the time it takes to fix it.

  • Is this fixed yet? Going to port some old c2 games to iOS unless it doesn't in which case I'll just use another engine.....

  • So I've tested the .capx that I was privately sent by So far it's been running ~35 minutes with no issues. I'm testing an iPad Air 2 with latest iOS 10.3, WKWebView enabled and built via PhoneGap Build with latest Cordova.

    The only place I can find an error message close to what has been reported is in cordova-plugin-httpd, which has an error message string matching "server is already up". This is slightly different to the OP, can you confirm the actual error message matches?

    If so, it's pretty mysterious - that error can only appear when starting the HTTP server, and it is definitely started once only when the game starts. It's also not at all involved in audio playback. The HTTP server exists only to serve video playback in WKWebView. Audio playback is still routed through cordova-plugin-file even in WKWebView mode, which AFAIK reads files directly from storage without using any kind of server. There's also no reason the HTTP server for video playback would ever be re-started.

    My best theory is the app is actually trying to restart and it tries to restart the server when it's already running. Perhaps some of you are trying to use the Browser 'reload' action instead of changing layouts to restart? Or maybe some kind of page-level navigation? Alternatively maybe another app on the device is trying to run a server or something like that? I'm really at a loss as to how this could be happening.

    One thing you can try if this still affects you: before building the exported cordova files, open config.xml and delete the line that says:

    <plugin name="cordova-plugin-httpd" />

    This simply removes the HTTP server from the app. It will break video playback, but the runtime should be able to handle the server not being available as long as you don't try to play video. If that fixes it, it proves the HTTP server is causing the problem, but I would still be mystified as to why.

  • According to results in this thread the error no longer happens as of r244. Can anyone confirm?

  • Ashley

    I'm getting a flashing screen when the app is loading, and then it just restarts.

    (some sort of restart loop) (on iPad air 2 running iOS 10.3.2)

    i tried to remove the http from config. But no luck so far.

    I exported with r244, checked webview, compiled with phonegap but no luck so far.

    However it works on one of our other apps (no audio bug or restart)

    the only difference between the two that i can see, is that the app which dosnt work, has bigger and more audio files.

  • Im hoping C3 will be able to build .ipa files soon.

    i tried to with C3 yesterday via XCode, but after successful archiving, it just doesn't show up

    (so it can be uploaded to appstore).. Its a mystery..

    Never seen that before.

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  • According to results in this thread the error no longer happens as of r244. Can anyone confirm?

    I never had that issue, the app runs ok, it's just music related.

    On iOS WKWebView, playing music for some reason puts that audio track to the Air Drop menu, ie. i can see my game's music file if I swipe up. I think it runs a http server in relation with Apple Air Drop, but it's just speculation.

    Sorry I cannot be of more use, but I've since used the edit on post #2 of the runtime to remove the workaround, and that's fine for iOS 10 + so far, but one does lose the ability to control the music's volume via tags.

    Been busy with this current project so I haven't had time to investigate issue further.

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