iOS WKWebView (XDK) music crash "servers already up" error

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  • Hi all!

    I have same issue in iOS with WKWebView (XDK). But crash and error message "servers already up" and white screens after closing video ads with sound.

    Ashley what you think about it?

    we solved the problem by hand for the moment, you can read Silverforce solution in this post.

    but we still have to wait for Ashley to fix it from construct 2

  • As ever, this will be at least ten times easier to fix if you can provide a minimal .capx that demonstrates the problem right away. I can still look in to this without that, but it can end up semi-impossible to do anything useful with large projects.

  • Hi Ashley

    This is .capx demonstrate my problem - if you close rewarded ads, you get error message "servers already up" and white screens. Some ads successfully closed, but some show this error. If build app without WKWebView - all work fine.

    In XDK you should install this is appodeal plugin

  • Can you reproduce the problem without any third-party plugins? This is part of the standard bug report requirements to prove the problem is not caused by that plugin.

  • i could send you my game capx by email cause is really really private..but i used just a third party plugin and is a really big project so i think reading all the events would be a mess... i think the solution is in how ios10 manage the music in the projects, cause it was really weird that after "fixing" by hand the error in the c2runtime file, the game wont reproduce music that isnt in the "sound" folder (the one that is by default inside C2)

  • Can anyone provide a .capx which reproduces the problem and does not use any third-party plugins? Otherwise there is not much I can do here so I would be inclined to close this report.

  • My iOS CAPX that I've sent to you, does not use any third party plugins.

    The problem is squarely due to the previous Music "work around" code.

    In c2runtime.js

    if (this.runtime.isWKWebView)

    playMusicAsSoundWorkaround = true;

    Changing to false; fixes the random crash bug. As IJCT has noted, doing this also fixed his lack of audio problems.

    ie. With iOS10, there is no longer a need for prior hacks to get music to work, and the presence of such workarounds is now causing conflict.

  • That workaround is necessary for some other audio features to work on iOS. So I'd rather fix it as it is, rather than playing whack-a-mole trading one set of issues for another.

  • Look, I understand your pain, iOS constantly changes the way it handles such basic features it's ridiculous.

    But you have a clearer idea where to start to fix it once and for all. Make it work for iOS 10+ if you have to pick & choose, since iOS9 or older are a smaller segment with each day.

  • Any update on this? we have 5 apps out that depends heavily on audio. Holy crap..

  • Even with this fix, im still getting a crash at load. Anyone else have this problem?

  • Any updates as to when we can expect to have working sounds and music on iOS again??

  • I previously asked for a .capx that reproduces the issue without any third-party plugins, as per the usual bug report requirements to make it as likely as possible that we can resolve the issue. As far as I can see, nobody has provided one, so there is very little we can do until then.

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  • Any updates as to when we can expect to have working sounds and music on iOS again??

    If you have a problem I suggest you email your CAPX to Ashley so it helps him debug it quickly.

  • Ashley

    is there somewhere i can send the capx privately?

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