IOS sound problems since iOS 9.2

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  • Ashley All works perfect my end. Thanks very much!

    FMFM I've not noticed this myself, though I am using chartboost

    If I notice anything new I'll update, but for me this all seems fixed

  • There seems to be the iOS 8 problem. On iOS 9 sounds seems to be in order (the audio issue).

    Also, before you publish your application, please check what happens when you go out of the application and goes back to your app. Canvas size is wrong.

    I'm using Chartboost and Intel XDK.

  • FMFM it appears your correct with the canvas bug. And I though we were out of the woods. It isn't the ad for me, and it didn't happen every time but when I double tap the home button to select a different app and return it sometimes bugs.

    I suppose this is the issue with the fix being part of other none tested fixes. There will hopefully be a stable realise with the audio bug fix soon!

  • HI Guys

    I am experiencing sound triggers working ok, but my game music is still silent?

    All is imported ok.

    Does this fix apply to both types of audio the same?

    Really struggling to understand why my music track wont play on IOS?

    Any file size limits?


  • gingpete retracting my previous statement, it doesn't sound like the same bug, it might be something your doing incorrectly your side. Have you included .m4a versions of your music? I've never run into any file size limits myself.

    Also, music isn't perfect in that it will only begin playing on touch end. Consider it like queuing up the sounds with the construct 2 actions instead of it playing. There are a couple of work arounds such as playing the music silently on a loading layout first. Still experimenting on the best option, though it's also different for most games.

    is a stable release containing this audio fix planned any time soon? Thanks for all the help!

  • gingpete try to put all audio in same folder? C2 Sounds folder.

    And use .m4a files for iOS.

  • Its odd, the same audio track works when its a sound, but not when its music in IOS.

    Music is streaming as i understand it, so it does not have to load all the music in first?

    Does it really matter if i play a background music track as a sound instead of music?

    Thanks for feedback guys

  • Becareful when you guys put Music into sound. It loads that into memory and that leads to major memory bloat.

    Music is intended to be streamed in and out, not constantly in memory like sounds are.

  • Thats what i thought and why i wanted to play thetrack as music.

    Should i flag this as a seperate bug then?

    To recap

    Same track only works on ios 9.2 as sounds not as music.

  • gingpete Yeah, it sounds like a different issue. I'd probably advise sticking it in the how to forums for now as it sounds more like something your doing wrong. If you are able to attach a .capx that demonstrates the issue I'm sure you'll get your answer!

  • It sounds like the original reported problem of distorted audio is fixed. However this thread is now 7 pages long and is starting to lose focus on the specific issue. I suspect any other issues after r223 are unrelated (or possibly a side-effect of the workaround). As per our policy we ask for one thread per bug report, since it is impossible to deal with issues mentioned in passing without the full bug report guidelines. So I'm going to close this issue as resolved now. Please file new reports if you still have trouble, following all the bug report guidelines thoroughly for every individual issue.

  • Becareful when you guys put Music into sound. It loads that into memory and that leads to major memory bloat.

    Music is intended to be streamed in and out, not constantly in memory like sounds are.

    Wait a second (sorry to go off-topic with this one), I saw people in the "HOW DO I" section complaining about mobile performance with this method inside their game and never really minded that because I thought it just affects the loading speed when starting the game.

    So you are meaning if we load everything as "sounds" at the start of the game, it requires more resources then?

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  • Anyone got anything? I've also got this problem.

  • I think it's an iOS problem. So far, all my games (which use a voice) all have the same problem with the iPhone6 but not the iPad2. Sometimes the audio is distorted. If I turn the phone off completely and then back on it's fine (which is why I think it's an iOS problem). Also, once the phone distorts one game, all of my games are distorted. I use Cordova, then XDK.

    Here's a link to my games:

    BTW - I want to thank Scirra for making Construct 2. I've written books (reading programs) to teach dyslexic students to read, and this enables me to make phonics related games that will help many children.

  • Please note this is a closed bug report, and as of the latest beta all known sound issues in Safari/iOS should be fixed.

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