IOS sound problems since iOS 9.2

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    15+ people recently reporting this iPhone / Construct 2 Audio problems that won't allow the release of there app.

    Ashley is that enough for some additional review / support?

    Problems (iPhone):

    A. Bug - lost audio / sound when you minimize app / switch to home screen.

    How to resolve bug A:

    1. Visit the audio object properties and change "Play in background" to Yes.

    (View Image

    B. Bug - Audio files must be replaced with with 48000khz or the audio is distorted on the 2nd run.

    After exporting your project replace all of your .m4a audio files with converted audio files set the sample rate to 48000khz using the advanced settings here

    (View Image

    C. Bug - first run audio / sound is missing after converting the sample rate to 48000khz. Anytime you run the app after that the audio is fine but the very first time you install the app and run it there is no sound which is unacceptable for production release.

    No solution yet.

    Everyone here loves how easy Construct 2 is to use but if the apps we've built can't be published - most people will seek an alternate platform with better support and stop participating in the community.

    FYI: Found some threads where were able to resolve the audio distortion in code by reloading audio assets or changing the buffer / sample rate - not sure how this can be done in Construct 2 ... nd-broken/ (iPad2 (32bit 9.2.1) cannot reproduce...)

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  • Thank you for this post mars1985

    I hope this gets resolved very soon.

    In the meantime I stopped getting deeper into my game now and installed Unity. Will look into it and may switch over to it as it seems it is really good when it comes to iOS Dev.

  • I think that we have no choice. Scirra not care about the "small" problems. Also installed Unity on my Mac.

    Edit: Scirra can not reproduce the bug.. lol. My grandmother can reproduce it.

  • Has anybody contacted apple or cordova yet?

    As you've all noticed this has been effecting most engines and frameworks that use cordova/html5. It does however look like all of them have implemented a fix engine/framework/export side.

    However, this does not seem to be the case as Ashley doesn't want to rebuild the audio context in the export to fix this for fears of breaking other platforms and features. At least not until it is undeniable that the problem will only be resolved on construct 2's side.

    Also Ashley, have you managed to successfully test the bug yet?

    If you're not able to replicate this bug on an iPhone running iOS 9.2+ then you might have found a fix. If so, can you please describe anything you're doing differently than the repo on page one?

    We've all put allot of time into our projects as you have the construct 2 framework. If this bug is not fixed, our time is wasted and if your engine doesn't work, then so is yours.

    If the 15+ people effected on this thread aren't enough to warrant effort and time on this I'm happy to contact everybody I can find that is targeting iOS with a construct 2 built game and warn them of the problem they will inevitably be facing.

  • HI

    We are working on a game for the mobile market, IOS and Android.

    At the moment we have simply imported a WAV file of a music track we have made, C2 makes it own mp4 and ogg files and we play this via the start layout and play audio tool.

    However on android it works fine, but on IOS devices we either get no sound at all, or sometimes a broken distorted tinny sound for a few seconds before the sounds disappears.

    Is this related to the same issues in this thread? we are runing IOS 9.2

  • Hi gingpete sounds like the one and only. Welcome to the noise!

  • So I looked in to this further, and it did reproduce on an iPhone 4S, in Safari (despite the original report saying it did not happen there). So I can confirm it doesn't happen on an iPad Air 2, but does on an iPhone. That's not typical so is a bit of a surprise.

    I am almost certain this is a bug in iOS itself, as I suspected. It appears it incorrectly restores the wrong sample rate on the second load. I wrote a report and filed it with Apple here: They typically are very slow to fix and ship bug fixes, it's taken about a year in the past. You can go ahead and tell everyone Construct 2 sucks or whatever, but it is Apple breaking your games, not us. The exact same code works in at least three other browser engines - Chrome, Firefox and Edge - so I am pretty sure there is nothing wrong with our code. So please direct your complaints to the WebKit bug report!

    The good news is I found what looks like a workaround: we don't need to destroy and recreate the whole audio graph, it appears to fix it just by creating a fake audio context on startup, immediately closing it, then creating a second one and using that for the rest of the app. These kinds of workarounds can be fraught, it's really best that Apple fix it since I don't know how reliable this workaround is. But we'll ship it in the next beta release and see how that goes.

  • HI Ashley, is this something we can implement now our something we need to wait for you to do with a beta version.


  • Ashley, thanks for that! Then let's hope that Apple will fix that quickly.

  • "So I looked in to this further, and it did reproduce on an iPhone 4S"

    Well done. You find it. Applause.

    "You can go ahead and tell everyone Construct 2 sucks or whatever"

    It is not Construct 2 fault that Scirra Ltd support is poor and founder of the company does not listen to feedback. Not listening or does not want to hear. Each of us could calculate how much we lose our money and our time because of this.

    "...but it is Apple breaking your games..."

    This is also true that Apple doesn't care about us, HTML5 Developers. They want to native code in the App Store (objective-c for example).

    "The exact same code works in at least three other browser engines - Chrome, Firefox and Edge"

    I don't know about Edge, but Chrome and Firefox using .ogg files. Safari using .m4a files. Can not be compared.

    "The good news is I found…"

    Let's hope for the best. Will see.

  • Ashley Thanks very much, really does mean allot! Hopefully this beta build has good results.

  • Thank you very much also. Waiting for the feedback. Hope it is fixed with the beta until apple fixes it themself.

  • Thanks Ashley for looking into the Apple iOS Audio bugs! Looks like Construct 2 Release r223 has everything we need to resolve the audio bugs.

    This is all anyone was looking for was a work around so we can release our games for iOS.

    Just tested this beta and it seems to have resolved all of the audio issues I everyone was having!


  • Well perhaps I am doing something wrong or missing something as I stil get no sound at all.

    Browser plays sound, andriod plays sound IOS no.

    I am building using intel XDK , is there anything else i need to add plugin wise to get IOS sound?


  • Quick test, and seems like the audio bug is gone. Seems like sounds works now, at long last. Good.

    However, now there is a new problem. If your application have an full screen ad and you click on it, canvas size will distorted/zooming +50%, when you go back to the application. There is nothing to do with the sounds, but relates to canvas size. This is a new "feature" that came with r223...

    EDIT: Audio problem has not been solved completely.

    Now it may happen that the sounds disappear completely if you switch between an application.

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