IOS sound problems since iOS 9.2

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  • Ashley test it on iPhone 6. Also watch this video and try to reproduce the same on your iPad Air 2:

    This distortion bug is a very old problem with Cordova. Since iOS 8. I have tried many times to say about it on this forum, but no one cared. Because everybody used CocoonJs at that time.

    I also tried to solve the problem in different ways (since iOS 8!!!). 8000khz, 48000khz, 16bit, 24bit, mono, stereo, short file, long file etc., etc. Nothing is solved the problem once and for all. I am very frustrated with this problem. It seems that nobody is interested in, even Scirra themselves.

  • FMFM oh god I know that sounds too well! Couldn't agree more, lets face it, music is a huge part of making a complete game. The only progress I've made on changing the audio to 48000khz is also putting the music in the sounds folder (in consteuct 2). All that does though is makes it always sound terrible.

    Not a clue what to try now.

  • indeed, music is a huge part of games! Like my old teacher of visual expression said "an image is a 50% of the total and a sounds/music the other 50%"

    I think, we C2 users, can not do very much. It is the Scirra, Cordova, Intel XDK, and Apple common problem. They should work together and find the solution for this. As always, Ashley does not want to deal with the export issues.. )))

  • Very true. If this can't be fixed on constuct 2's side then I would appreciate it if this was moved to the how to section so we can continue to make some noise. Although it would be nice if we could have some suggestions on where to go or what to try.

    I suppose this is the bain of making an engine for none programmers haha

  • and FMFM I may have solved the problem related to no App Sound on the first run.

    So this is my setup by the way.

    iPhone 6 iOS 9.2.1

    Construct 2

    Cordova Export

    Intel XDK

    Export project from construct 2 via Cordova

    Update the audio files in the export to be 48000Khz

    *Update the config.xml file to include the following lines which seem to resolve the first run with no sound problem for me.

    <preference name="AllowInlineMediaPlayback" value="true"/>

    <preference name="MediaPlaybackRequiresUserAction" value="false"/>

    **More information here: ... onegap-app and ... onfig.html

    Possible there are additional tags that may solve other audio problems.

    One problem that still remains is when you minimize the application you will lose all audio sound until you close the app completely and relaunch.

    UPDATE: this seem liked it worked but I tried it again a few times and its not working. :\</p>

  • mars1985 Yeah, but the problem still exist Whatever you do, the problem does not go away completely. I've also tried here everything what could are possible with C2, intel, cocoon, cordova plugins. This problem can be solved by Scirra, Apple and Cordova. But as we see, they are not interested in this. However, thank you for trying to help!

  • FMFM so I've built a game using Construct 2 with the expectation of exporting it for iOS but it appears there are to many limitations all revolving around audio for me to publish this game.

    The game is ready but the audio has a problem so I can't release it - the first time you install and run the game there is no audio!

    I will probably have to start over and use xCode / Swift 2 which will take much much longer to build.

    Are there any examples of users who have games on the iOS Apple Store using Construct 2 that have audio?

  • mars1985 just a quick one as its late here but I believe mortar melons audio works fine though it has its own set of bugs if I remember correctly

    Totally understand the frustration here! Almost feel like a petition is needed haha

  • mars1985 Sorry, but I think you don't have any options.. either you publish your application with this bug, or wait more (maybe this bug is fixed in C3 and iOS11), or forget the c2 and start to use the Swift, Unity .. maybe game maker?

    here are some examples:

    are for free. You can download and hear how the sounds are working.

    Honestly, I am very disappointed in Scirra.. We (game developers) use a lot of our time to develop games. But we are always in trouble when the time comes to release, because no one will take responsibility for the export tools.

  • Thanks and FMFM - did either of you try using PhoneGap before? I've only use Intel XDK with cordova.

  • mars1985 I'm using the cordova CLI which I'm pretty sure is the same as phonegap. Correct me if I'm wrong and I'll give phonegap a test. Fairly certain it won't make any difference though.

    I also tried those preferences in each combination (true/false) with no avail.

    FMFM mars1985 (and anybody else effected) I think it's time we started posting this to some other forums. This bug needs more noise.

  • I don't know why you would accuse me of not caring: I've investigated the issue, and not been able to reproduce it. This means two things: firstly I can't fix it yet, since step #1 of fixing an issue is to be able to reproduce it, and secondly it's probably a sporadic or occasional issue, since it appears it is not so severe that it affects all devices including mine. It could be a problem with another app, or it could be a problem with iOS itself (iOS has had loads of bugs over the years). If the problem stems from another app or iOS, it's not our bug and it's not our responsibility to fix it; the best we can do is find a reliable way to reproduce it, and forward the bug report on to someone else. However we can't do that without a way to reproduce the problem. So I will continue looking in to this, but I can't guarantee you it's something we can fix, it could be well out of our hands.

  • Ashley Sorry if any of this came off as offensive. We're all getting a little frustrated. Totally understand that there's nothing you can do until you are able to replicate the bug. From what I've discovered the issue only effects iphones (from iphone 5-6s). As for iOS versions I believe it rarely happened from iOS 8 although since 9.2 the problem is allot more consistent.

    Hope this will help you replicate the bug. And if you have any questions you could ask that might help you replicate please let us know.

    I should also note that I've posted this bug on the HTML5 gamedev forums, tig source and stack overflow in hopes that it brings more light to the issue. It should at least answer if it's an issue constructs side or cordova/apples.

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  • "I've investigated the issue, and not been able to reproduce it." D

    I have nothing more to say on this. Except, please, take an iPhone 6 on your office desk and did the test. All my mates, with the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6S, will be able to reproduce it.

    "I should also note that I've posted this bug on the HTML5 gamedev forums, tig source and stack overflow in hopes that it brings more light to the issue." Well done 0Hayes!

    And yes. We're all getting a LITTLE frustrated.

  • I'm also still having problems with this issue, it is hugely frustrating as the apps I make are music based, and the audio is the main feature.

    I have found that the most reliable way to reproduce the issue is to watch a video on the device before switching back to the app. This is consistent with it being a sample rate issue. Most audio for video / tv tends to be recorded at a 48 / 96kHz sample rate to match the 24 fps of film without aliasing. Music is almost always recorded at 44.1 / 88.2kHz. I am wondering if the switch between sample rates is not happening correctly and the construct app is trying to play a 44.1Khz file at 48kHz or something like that?

    If I am using a mic preamp with a digital output like adat / spdif and not syncing with word clock, I can produce very similar distortion by setting my preamp to 44.1kHz and my audio interface to 48kHz. Ashley perhaps there could be a piece of code in the html audio api that resets the sample rate to 44.1kHz when the app is opened?

    By the way sorry I couldn't reply to your message, I don't have enough points on my account to send private messages..

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