Interface bugged on high DPI displays.

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  • Problem Description

    Add event popup window is bugged with scrambled listing and some items missing when using high DPI screens using interface scaling. Some list items flicker on mouse over, some become invisible/visable. Starting the software with compability mode for High DPI displays does not work. Construct still scales.

    Attach a Capx

    No capx but screenshot added in observed result.

    Description of Capx

    Construct Related.

    Steps to Reproduce Bug

    • Launch Construct on a High DPI screen with UI scaling to 200% (I was using Surface Pro 4 with 2736x1824)
    • Add an event.
    • Check event list window.

    Observed Result

    Expected Result

    I expected the list to be neat and not bugged.

    Affected Browsers

    Not browser Related

    Operating System and Service Pack

    Windows 10, on Surface Pro 4.

    Construct 2 Version ID


  • I have same problem on my Surface Pro 4 (Win 10).

    Please fix this.

  • Not even a reply from any devs? Known issue? ignored? High DPI displays are getting more common, fix is needed.

  • Please, at least give us a response of any kind. It's urgent for users like me.

  • Having the exact same issue, along with other icons throughout the interface (expand/collapse events, etc.) being too small to click on. Also SP4 Pro.

  • I've had this issue since my Surface Pro 2 and still experiencing the same issue on my Surface Pro 4.

    Once items disappear on mouse hover, they don't always reappear. See below...

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  • I'm not sure what we can do about this. It's a Windows control and it's rendered by Windows... so it looks like a Windows bug. Even parts of Windows have high-DPI problems, it's that difficult to get right. And given the control is not rendered by our code, I'm not sure what we could do about it...

    I can say however Construct 3 is being designed with proper high-DPI support throughout!

  • Edit: deleted reply

  • Ashley as a workaround would it help to increase the size of the grid, or reducing the font size? At least in the add action dialog. It seems like when the elements have long text and extending in to the next "cell" that when you get strange behaviour.

  • tunepunk no. i tried changing the fonts here and there and changed the font size for the event editor and sadly it did not work

  • It seems like when the elements have long text and extending in to the next "cell" that when you get strange behaviour.

    Hmm - I think you're right. I made a fix which increases the column widths for the next build. This prevents there being so much overlap and seems to help. We'll see how it works out when r229 is released.

  • Ashley Tried the new build. Works great! Thanks a lot for that! If you have time maybe you could take a look at this issue as well. It's related to working with Construct 2 on touch/stylus capable devices.

    Construct doesn't register Tap&Hold as right click. (common use for right click when using touch). Works either for touch or with a stylus.

  • Ditto. Latest update working MUCH better on my Surface Pro 4. Thanks for paying attention and for the fix, ASHLEY.

    And I'm in the same boat as tunepunk, I would love a stylus fix for the tap&hold for right click.

  • Ashley Thanks for a great high dpi stuff in the r230 update but you forgot this one

    Families dialog still looks wonky.

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