Include Event Sheet = Won't Start Game

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  • So I ran into a problem where all of my games stopped working when attempting to play them. I'd try to test them out, but I'd get a blank screen. I'd upload them to dropbox and same thing.

    After some experimentation and a little luck, I've narrowed the problem down to Event Sheet Includes.


    Include Sheet Bug

    Try to test it out, and you get a blank screen (if the game's fullscreen mode is set to 'off', it shows the gray border with just gray inside). If you go into Event Sheet 1 and delete the Include Event Sheet 2, another test attempt will show that the game runs fine.

    This is probably pretty problematic for complex games. <img src="smileys/smiley17.gif" border="0" align="middle">

  • Dont know if it's the same thing but the bug is on line 74 of file eveng.js:

    case 2:     // include


                var inc = new cr.eventinclude(this, parent, m);


    Undefined is not a function. So eventinclude is probably undefined. It appears there's other files involved too. Just check chrome debugger.

    It's a critical bug as it prevents the game from running completelly.

  • Same here. It appears to be a new bug in r96 because the same file runs fine in r95.

  • ^Just got this error as well after updating to r96

  • me too. Removin the include event sheets and it works again

  • I experienced the same bug, just a blank black screen after updating to r96. When I reversed back to r95, all worked well again.

  • Same. Glad you found the cause; I was freaking out for a bit because this only happens with my larger projects which I can't submit .capx's of!

  • Same problem with mine after updating to r96.

    None of my own programs .capx or .caproj work but some examples I tried from Constuct2 folder did diplay & ran ok.

  • I also ran into this problem, and after some serious debugging (removing almost every line of events) I can confirm that including event sheets is what is causing the error.

  • Sorry about this, should be fixed in the next build now, it was a straightforward solution. A great deal of the runtime was refactored since the last build for the javascript minifying optimisation (see the performance note in r96), and one of the code changes accidentally broke includes. Luckily it's just a beta release - this is why we call them beta!

  • I'm just glad it was found! Thanks for the update! <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Glad to hear this will be getting addressed soon. In the meantime, however, how do I 'downgrade' my project to run in R95 again? The file for the project seems to have locked itself to the R96 version, where I can't play it.

  • CAWithey - you need to make sure you backup projects before upgrading to a beta release, because you generally can't downgrade projects after saving them (unless you edit the XML, and have not used any new features specific to that build). Did you turn on Construct 2's automatic backup?

  • No, I've saved it too many times since then. Nice thought, but unfortunately this newest release has made testing impossible, and therefore slows progress considerably until a fix is released. Ironic, as the only reason I had to upgrade at all was to upload the game for the first time to the Scirra online arcade. Elsewise, I would not have bothered with the beta version (The arcade did not accept the R95 version).

    Thanks for the quick response.

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  • Got the same problem here.

    I had to upgrade from the latest stable [108.2] to 109 beta in order to publish (This seems weird to me). This introduced a couple of bugs (see bug reports on 109).

    I have automatic backup turned on, but the backup file is 109 beta as well and can't be opened in 108.2. I've made backups along the way, but it would require significant time to get it back into a state where it is now.

    Any suggestions? When is the next stable version expected?

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