Construct 2 (r267) closes itself randomly.

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    It's also is important to notice, that it's not that hard to open a project in an older version. The instruction on how to do that can be googled pretty easy, plus, there's even a tool to do that automatically for you. So, one way to deal with the questions, that supposedly can arise in Steam's community of C2 is to just create the official post in Steam's community group of Construct 2 with the explanation of the situation.

    I've mentioned it in another topic already but setting up a branch for a previous version could be done using Steam's branching feature. (Keeps the most recent version as is for reproduction testing.)

    I've mentioned it in another topic already but setting up a branch for a previous version could be done using Steam's branching feature. (Keeps the most recent version as is for reproduction testing.)

    Please, this! It's been two months and still no fix! I get crashes everyday and usually more than one per day. As a fellow dev I do understand that fixing problems are generally harder then your audience thinks, but you guys could at least provide us the oportunity to rollback to an older release on steam(I only have the steam license).

    I also tried to contact to see if I could turn my license to a non-steam one but my email was sent june 19 and I still got no response.

    Seems like the only way for me to keep working on my project withouth the infuriating crashes is to either buy myself another new license for the same engine I already have or to start my project over on C3(tried to port it, not a option).

    Ugh, this is so frustrating.

    Currently using Steam Construct 2 is becoming unbearable, I am working on a project, I will save, C2 closes, I will drag an object, C2 closes, this happens several times during the day.

    Using the version outside of Steam happens a few times, but still happens.

    Is Scirra purposely worsening the C2 experience of selling C3 signatures?

    I want to believe that not, but if it is, this will be very bad for the company image.

    Is Scirra purposely worsening the C2 experience of selling C3 signatures?

    I want to believe that not, but if it is, this will be very bad for the company image.

    I doubt that tbh. But if true that's pretty sad showing that they really do need more c3 users. AGAIN I DOUBT THAT. Also Is the closing this bad? (non-steam users) I barley get crashes and I'm using the latest version. Just revert to the last stable release, as this release for you is not "stable."

    I don't think it happens on purpose. They always say they sell enough copies of C3... So be it.

    But if support waits until someone finds a way to force this bug, imho this is not enough. Several people report this bug here and it is an issue that put my project on ice for some weeks now.

    We can not track this bug mainly because there is no crash log implemented. If construct could log the problem we would have something to report.

    I also thought that.

    As I said before, I use C2 every day for several hours and in the last week I have not had any accidents.

    My project is quite small (with this project I have no accidents), later I will incorporate it into the main project.

    With the main project, I do have an accident occasionally.

    I use only the stable version of C2

    This is understandable. But why not just roll back to the stable version then (r265)?

    This will cause more problems than it solves, because any project saved in r266+ cannot be opened in r265. It would result in absolute chaos. If we modified r265 to try to avoid this, we would have to issue a new release, and that means we're not actually using r265 any more.

    If you look at the changelogs, there have only been minor changes since r265, and mostly to the runtime. As it stands I have no idea what could have changed that would result in the kinds of stability issues people are reporting. We already made a significant upgrade to our third-party UI library in r268 as an attempt to resolve this, and as I recall the initial reports were that improved things. However there appear to still be issues being reported, although it's not particularly clear which versions are affected, because this post initially referred to r267 (prior to that change) and people aren't consistently referring to exact versions (again critical information we require in bug reports). Maybe something changed in our build system, but there has not been any intentional change there, so I don't know where to look or what to do about it - as always, being able to reliably reproduce an issue and investigate it via debugging is critical to identify what could be done about it.

    Long, confusing threads like this usually actually make it harder to deal with issues. We need concise, accurate, comprehensive information to be able to investigate reports. As I mentioned it's very difficult to make sense of a thread initially relating to r267, but with new vague reports of something possibly wrong in an often unspecified version. Are lots of people still using r267 and complaining of stability issues that are already fixed? I can't tell from this. I'd strongly recommend starting a new thread that relates to issues in r269 specifically, and do everything possible to identify the systems, circumstances, configuration, version, steps to reproduce, and everything else that helps identify bug reports. I'm still perfectly willing to investigate crashes and stability issues in C2, but if there is no useful information to follow up on, there's simply nothing that can be done.

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    So here's how it crash from my experience:

    - Only happen if memory use >10mb

    - If you import many animation or frame (Sprite editor only)

    - Alt+tab while layout is active also cause force close

    - Saving the project also cause force close occasionally

    - Autosave sometimes make force close

    - Saving and then close C2, suddenly Force close appear

    - If more than 5 layouts on the bar, and you make some changes in event sheet, sometimes also cause force close.

    What is questionable here for users is the way to proceed:

    "If users can not find the way to reproduce the error, Scirra will not do anything about it."

    When could it be that of a company more concerned about its software and its reputation:

    "Scirra is aware of the situation and will do everything possible to reproduce the error, find the causes and solve it."

    This is what can make users feel confused.

    I don't want to pretend we're actively doing something if there's nothing we can practically do. Would you rather I mis-represented the situation to make it sound nicer?

    - it's still not clear which version you're using, so this is simply repeating the confusion I already described. As I mentioned I'd strongly recommend starting a new thread specific to r269 and ensure every single case is comprehensively described.


    I see your point. Then what about making a beta branch with r265? That way, users that know how to open a file in an older version (it's possible to do that) will "revert" manually and I think this will solve this question for some time, at least, while saving the time and nerves to people and to yourself. I understand that it's not a great thing from the point of actually finding out the cause of all this, but this issue ruins people's workflow for months now, and it doesn't seem like the solution is somewhere near.

    Then what about making a beta branch with r265?

    What does that actually solve? You can already roll back to r265 if you want. Just download and install it. It won't open projects saved in newer releases, but if you're willing to modify the project file to allow that, then you can already go ahead and do it.

    Ashley he meant on steam, like this. Steam users can't roll back to r265 ):

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