Construct 2 (r267) closes itself randomly.

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    I just suffered this right now.

    It simply closed automatically.

    It happened like this:

    -The autosave was done

    -After the autosave is done then, I save manually

    -When it was saved, I made an export to HTML5 and it closed automatically.

    Win10 64

    R268 64

    OK, have tested it for a while with autosave disabled. I had been in the image editor for a little bit changing some stuff (I got lots of sprites). Exited it and pressed F5 quickly as I usually do to see how it looks in game. Game crashed/closed.

    It seems if I manually save every 10 mins the game will NEVER crash. But if I am not careful, it will seem to crash if I don't manually save?

    Is there any sort of logs or anything I can supply? I would give out the cap.x but I am in the early stages of a game which I want to keep secret for now.


    OK. I thought I had found a pattern but I have been changing the resolution on my game for 5 minutes after saving and it crashed on me.

    It is still worth noting that when I save my game, I still do not see a dialogue indicating that my game is saving. I remember seeing a progress bar before this issue.

    I've been using construct 2 since v140, but only since the last few versions have I had it crash - and its crashing a lot.

    It happens when I leave construct. Either to run local preview, edit a sprite, quit the program , etc.

    Hope that helps!

    I started to get the same problems as discribed with the newest version of c2. No problems earlier. The timing doesn't fit to the autosave, because I just had a crash 15 minutes after the last autosave (and my autosave is set to every 20 minutes). I had a lot of crashes with the Sprite editor - loading new Sprites or trying to preview. But my last one was when I hit d to disable an event. So it seems very random, but it happens alot.

    I'm using Win 10, no Steam.

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    The same thing happened to me now.

    The auto-save has been deactivated for several days.

    I did a preview in chrome, then I went to edit a condition and crash, C2 suddenly closed.

    Again crash when clicking on "add another condition".

    It is the same reason as my previous crash in the message above.

    Maybe another pattern seems to be when a new window opens, either to add a condition or to add a plugin or another reason.

    When C2 must open a window for some function, then the crash occurs.

    I cannot support the window theory. Construct did crash when I tried to load a preview for an animation but my last two crashes happened 1. when I pushed ctrl Z, and 2. when I disabled an event. Turning autosave off does not change anything afaik.

    Hello, it's still happening in r269 release Ashley

    I just came on the forum to report this bug but it looks like I am not suffering alone. There seems to be no pattern to it I tried to open a new event sheet and that made it crash another time it happened when importing sprites can we downgrade to an earlier version of C2 I have only had this problem since I upgraded.

    Seems like a widespread bug Ashley

    alt + tab windows 10 can cause freeze too

    C2 closes, my experience:

    1. Just opened a project, I went to the bathroom, when I returned, C2 had closed.

    2. When saving a project, while saving. C2 deleted the project. Caution. Have a copy D:

    It is not Steam version.


    alt + tab windows 10 can cause freeze too

    This closed me C2.

    I maximized Aseprite, then I pressed ALT + TAB to go back to C2 but C2 had died, it had closed without my own notice and I did not even notice.

    This has happened twice.

    The first time it was accidental.

    The second time it was intentionally provoked.

    mine just closed again when trying to change the project name

    Same problem I'm on r269 I was on the r259 worked like a charm, now I get crashes most of the times when using alt+tab.

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