How do I use C3's export manager/build my C2 apk correcltly? [Build Failing - Invalid Icon File:(]

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  • How do I use export manager/build my apk correcltly? [Build Failing - Invalid Icon File:(]

    Hi, I just bought the C3 license this morning (and I was sooo happy), because phonegap and cocoon were both giving me problems... I thought if I paid for a service, surely it will work!... Now, C3 is giving me yet another problem.....

    I already read this tutorial (, but it doesn't explain what to do if this message pops up.

    There were no problems importing my export into the Export Manager (the icon-256.png was in the zip), but when I press the "Build Application" button, it says this...

    "Error - Invalid Icon file "www/icon-256.png" ENOENT: No such file or directory, open '/home/buildbot/construct-build-service-2/application-cache/9149dc7d-36c4-4fb4-a918-d977e4d2fae7/www/icon-256.png"

    What does it mean? I checked, and the icon-256.png WAS there, with all the other files (all files are at the root level of the zip).

    Please, how do I fix this problem?! I just want to build my app -- I've been running into build problems for months now. Can someone please tell me, why is C3 spitting out this error?

    Not a good start to C3 experience.

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  • Please report C3 issues here or post in the Construct 3 forums.

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