Construct2 freezes when saving or backing up

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  • Problem Description

    Construct2 freezes when saving or backing up if one of the files are in use.

    Steps to Reproduce Bug

    • Open any project, and have the project create an autosave file
    • Make that file in use (open it in a program that will lock the file)
    • Try to save, or let the auto-backup happen

    Observed Result

    Notice Construct2 tries to save, but gets hung up and stays on the 'saving' screen... even after the file is no longer locked.

    Expected Result

    It should give you an error stating the file is locked and you cannot save, or save, but under a different name, etc etc etc.

    Operating System and Service Pack

    Windows 7 64bit SP1

    Construct 2 Version ID

    All versions... it has done this for a while, I just keep forgetting to report it.

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  • [quote:ti7keqfg]Make that file in use (open it in a program that will lock the file)

    How exactly are you doing this step? You need to provide exact steps to follow so we can do exactly what you are doing.

  • Here's a more step by step method:

    1) Open up a project, and wait until it does an autobackup. (file will be named "<yourprojectname>.capx.backup1")

    2) Lock that file some how.... here's one way to do this: install WinRAR, right click on the file, go to 'add to archive' then while it's compressing, press 'pause'. That file is now locked until you release it from WinRAR

    3) Now with that file locked.... make a change, and try to save the project.... good luck!

  • You may wonder why the hell I would have a file locked.... well... tell that to Google Drive, Dropbox, and most recently a virus scanner.

  • Doh! Lost more information again. Darn Google drive!! It would be SO nice if the backup's would record window positions, etc like a regular save does, so it's not such a pain to revert to. It's also unfortunate that this wasn't fixed in the latest version... hopefully the next as this shouldn't be a difficult fix.

  • I have had this with Dropbox as well. It's stable on Windows 7, but on windows 8.1 it fairly regularly just hangs when an autosave should happen.

    Edit: And, should the sync cycles match up I have gotten tiny unusable files (like 22K instead of 1.9Mb), etc. Thankfully there's lots of backups or I'd be strangling the computer (as a poor stand-in for whatever is causing this). Let me attach one of these beasts, which actually makes C2 crash as well.

  • I'll add a bit more to this as there is another issue causing me to loose work. I'm using R190 64bit of Windows 8.1 with the capx being stored in google drive.

    Sometimes after autosaving saving fails to do anything. So if you press the save icon it doesn't become disabled to show that the capx is up to date. So what happens is you do a bunch of work hit save and exit. On reopening you'll notice that the most recent capx was a .autosave. If you try to open that it will fail with an error message. The next recent will be the capx you were working on however it wont have been saved.

    I suspect the autosave files became read only while google drive uploaded the changes. So it fails to delete and write the next one and perhaps breaks the whole saving process.

  • Yup, have had that as well - Autosave fires at some point, close the app, no warning, come back, load the latest file - it's out of date. This isn't too pleasant.

  • I can't reproduce the problem: I tried opening a .capx.backup1 file in WinRAR and pausing it half way through compressing, but Construct 2 could still complete a save without hanging. I'm on Windows 8.1. I don't think it actually updated the .capx.backup1 file, but if another app has it locked then there's no way around that. Still, it worked fine.

    Is there another way to reproduce this?

  • Strange... cause I just tried it again with 194, and it's the same thing.... here are my steps exactly:

    -Open any project then save

    -Make a small change, and save again so that the backup1 file gets created

    -Right click on backup1 in explorer, go to add to archive and start archiving the file... pause while it's accessing the backup1 file... my pause happened at 10%, but I really don't think it matters.

    -Go back to C2, make another small change, and then just press CTRL+S. It'll sit at the "Saving..." screen permanently.... no way of getting out of this.

    Perhaps one way would be a cancel, or a close window option on the saving screen, to cancel the save in progress? Just a thought.... that would get rid of this issue anyway... and other problems when you press save by accident for example.

  • Nitro187 - that's exactly what I did, with WinRAR. It worked fine here... perhaps there's another tool that can lock files?

  • I also tried using a utility to deliberately lock a file (Easy File Locker:

    With the .backup1 file locked, C2 could not overwrite it, but it still did not hang.

  • Ok, I think I found out the problem. Try uisng this utility, it's a pretty good open source one.. I just drag my file into the app, and it locks it until you close it:

    Either way, I tested a bunch of times, and was able to get it to save without freezing... and the only way, was using the default .capx type project.... this issue does NOT happen on capx files.... those work 100% fine for some reason. This bug only occurs when you have your project saved as a caproj, which unfortunately is how I always work.

    If you'd like, I can provide a video capture of the bug? I literally do this:

    -File new

    -Add sprite

    -Save As Project

    -Move Sprite


    Lock .backup1 file

    -Move Sprite


    And this is where it hangs. Let me know. <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">

  • Ashley - In my case it was enough to just work on a file that's saved in DropBox and then leave editor for a while until it auto-saves. Upon return it would be frozen. Somewhat hard to just replicate, but it does happen. Will try to see if it can be replicated when I'm at that machine again.

  • Nitro187 - I also tried that tool. Even running that tool as administrator and C2 without administrator, locking the backup1 file, then saving over it... still no hang!

    What are the system specs of everyone affected? I am not affected on Windows 8.1 64-bit with Construct 2 r194.2 64-bit.

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