Q3D V-2.4 [3D Physics + Skeletal Animation UPDATE]

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  • QuaziGNRLnose

    I think I almost have it, I can place blocks but they seem to be placed way too high using the formula you gave me. Maybe I missed something, so here is my Capx

    Thank you for the help!

  • here, you weren't quite doing things right.

    Mouse example

  • QuaziGNRLnose

    Ahhh! There we go, thank you!

    It still seems there is a difference between the actual mouse X position relating to the object created however, Maybe I should just guesstimate a constant number to adjust it?

    EDIT: Nevermind, I seem to of got it, but one more question, how do I apply the collider when creating a new object? It doesn't seem to have any collision detection on

    those blocks

    EDIT 2: I figured out how to get colliders, I just used System -> Create object to create a new instance of the block, it gave me the colliders.

    Can the Particle system in Construct be used with Q3D?

  • you can't use anything that you use to normally render in 2D to render in 3D in Q3D. you can place that stuff above or below the Q3D canvas, but thats it.

  • QuaziGNRLnose

    Ahh so thats where the Q3D sprites come into play for basic effects?

    Have you found a solution to the bug regarding the exporting of Q3D projects?

  • Yea, it's sort of a construct bug but i have it fixed in my version, so either wait for me to update Q3D or for C2 to be fixed. You should be able to work normally for now and it'll export properly next Q3D update.

    And yea thats the basic use case of sprites, since C2 sprites can't be used the same way.

  • Can't wait for the Physics. What engine are you using? At the moment it's a little complicated to do all the math. How i hate that gimbal locking we really need quaternions.

    My selfmade physics now feels 99 % the same than the all time classic "Pilotwings" on the N64. Oh and Q3D is good for some oldschool flatshaded stuff too . Who needs textures.

  • QuaziGNRLnose, how do I disable texture filtering on an object, or for the entire project? I'm experimenting with low-poly 3D models that have pixel art-style textures, and I want to preserve the pixelation in those textures. I've tried all of the options in Q3Model > Set filtering, but nothing seems to change. Likewise I've set the project settings to point sampling with all quality options set to low, and disabled AA in Q3Master. No luck

  • Just set the filtering to point in the project properties. Now your entire project has unfiltered textures. If you need to set it per object just use the "set filtering" option in the objects actions. This works for me.


    Sometimes the anisotrop filtering of the graphics card overrides the filtering, so make sure you don't force any filtering in the graphics card driver.

  • UnixRoot, thanks for your suggestions, but as I said, I've already tried both. Neither has any effect.

    EDIT: I checked my video card settings and nothing is set to override filtering.

    EDIT 2: Tested on my laptop (completely different hardware), and it does the same thing. Test project is here if anyone can see what I'm doing wrong

  • Strange, it does the same thing on my machine. But my project is working perfect with the same settings.

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  • hey UnixRoot your picture looks nice the flying character

  • UnixRoot

    Right now im implementing oimo.js, eventually i want ammo.js but the emscripten port was bugging out on me when i tried it, and in general it generates a ton of garbage compared to oimo, making the framerate choppy. I'd say my oimo plugin is about 60% complete so far.

    How should i implement quats ? I left them out thinking people would combine axial rotations instead. I guess i'll make an action/expression to set/get quat (x,y,z,w).


    Filtering should change with the project settings for textures, but scaling the canvas/making it low res will only be guaranteed point sampling if you use inside mode, most browsers force linear sampling on canvas resize. Ill try your test asap. Are you using the latest Q3D? It wasnt working right in older versions.

    EDIT: tried your file, the problem is that you're using model-materials, so the texture settings are ignored. You can fix it by simply importing the textures through construct (this is recommended anyway since it'll allow for animated textures, changing the material type, etc.) I'll be sure to add some method of changing imported model textures though, or at least make their filtering match the project settings. It slipped by me.

  • Awesome, thanks I must've missed the inclusion of proper textures using the animation editor; I thought the preferred method was with model materials. It's working perfectly now!

  • GeometriX

    Yea be sure to look carefully at the examples! There's a lot of useful features that are a bit hidden away because i didn't do proper docs yet.

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