Q3D V-2.4 [3D Physics + Skeletal Animation UPDATE]

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  • Thanks! That's what i needed to know. The game I'm working on would benefit a lot from that. Instead of having to pre-render all the Character and sprite animations in many many angles. I guess i have to try it out. Does the Q3D camera have properties to change the angle of view, or even make it isometric?

  • tunepunk

    You have full 3D control of everything, you can also switch camera mode between orthographic and perspective. only morphtarget animation is currently supported but skeletal support is on the way too.

  • When this Plugin get a detailed Tutorial? Your Demos and CAPX Files are not very helpful.

    Not all Construct 2 Behaviors (specially Platform) do work in your Plugin..... for what we need a 3D Plugin, if no one know how to use it..?

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  • Edelplastic

    More tutorials will come when the plugin is sufficiently developed that major changes wont occur, or else they'll become obsolete quickly as new important features appear. Right now anyone experienced enough with construct and 3D can easily use the plugin for many uses, so it's not that it's lacking features.

    There's really not that much for me to "teach", and the examples explain everything that isn't part of standard 3D workflow. Platform behavior works with the plugin, but it's only in 2D, because the standard behaviors are programmed to work in 2D they can't be expected to magically map into the third dimension, this isn't how programming works. Instead of asking rhetorical questions, why don't you ask how to achieve particular results you wish to achieve instead? I'd be happy to help. I can't answer everyones questions through a simple tutorial anyway. A lot of 3D games are already possible and the 3D physics behavior im working on will make many more projects much simpler.

  • QuaziGNRLnose

    For the Q3D sprite object, is directional lights still required for them to be viewable in the Q3D master?

  • GameThirsty

    Q3D sprites aren't affected by lights.

  • QuaziGNRLnose

    I have a simple project working during preview in Construct but when I go to export it, it will not work. I am not minifying the script or anything just returns a black screen.

    Any idea to why this may be happening?

  • GameThirsty

    how are you exporting? which platform ? Sometimes "use model" will be true on an object with an invalid filename specified, and export causes the models to not load if one fails because the model file it does not exist. Make sure this isn't the case. It only happens on export sometimes because of the way loading external resources is handled. Also i've been wrestling with a cordova bug for a while that makes model loading fail on that platform.

    If you're loading cross domain resources, they'll only work in Node Webkit.

    I need more details to understand the issue, and fix / suggest anything.

  • hmm seems like some kind of weird build bug slipped by this version, im trying to fix it atm. This Construct version (192 and up i think at least) seem to be garbling the code on export because of something weird. Sometimes i write comments in the code that are /* */ like this on a single line, and they're breaking with the exporter. I'm fixing it asap.

    looks like it may partially be a construct bug though, things like this shouldn't just switch.

  • QuaziGNRLnose

    I was just about to explain how it wasn't working on export, it looks like you have it already! haha

    I got a question, I am trying to create a cube inside the 3d space where my Mouse.X and Mouse.Y is, I have it where it creates the cube, but it doesn't seem to want to create the object right at my X and Y coordinates, it seems to be offset. I am using the Mouse.AbsoluteX and AbsoluteY.

    Is there a way to raycast or something to allow me to place a block down? The Z axis is limited, as im trying to create a 2.5d platform game.

    I know a raycast shoots out to see if an object is there, but how would I apply placing block to empty space

  • You mean you want to project it from screen space into the 3D world right? The Q3D viewport objects castRay is your best bet like in the physics example.

    you can test against invisible objects i think, so you just need to put invisible collider geometry and use a raycast. Alternatively (this is a bit faster cpu wise) you could use a bit of math but it's kinda complicated and annoying.

  • QuaziGNRLnose

    I'll try to give a better explanation sorry

    Is there a way to get the mouse x and y coordinates inside the 3d space without the raycaster?(I don't mean the viewport x and y of the mouse, but the x and y inside the 3d space) I don't see how raycasting to an invisible object would give me those coordinates, what if the 3d world was large? make a large invisible object? It just doesn't seem the way to go about it.

    Or if there is no object to project to, its empty space I cant use raycast to an object as well

    Or even a way to raycast, and once it hits the z axis, shoot back my x and y coordinates of the mouse

  • I'm still confused by what you mean by mouse x y. the coordinate system is fixed while the camera can rotate. You mean the intersection of the mouse position in screen space projected onto the x,y plane formed by the world x,y axis's? You'll need to use a line plane intersection formula:


    You'd have to generate a line using the mouse position / camera orientation/axis. It's a bit involved if you're not comfortable with vector math, but its a simple enough task to start learning with. The ray you generate will depend on the type of camera you're using. I guess i'll eventually add a helper function to do this using the viewport object.

    again these aren't specific things to the plugin, you'll need to learn basic 3D maths to do this kind of stuff.

  • QuaziGNRLnose

    I am making a 2.5d game, I would think that the vector math would be minimal since the game is actually functioning in 2d not 3d, I am just using 3d models to give a sense of depth.

    Or can the Q3D sprite object give me a sense of depth if I still want to maintain 2d functionality?

    Here is the closest example I can give you on what I am trying to achieve.

    That is why I was wanting to know how to raycast where my Mouse would be located in 3d space to place blocks. Just the X and Y coordinates would be needed since the z axis is restricted.

  • If your camera is not rotating / zooming in or out, you can just use mouse.x / mouse.y and set the layout scroll to the camera x/y position. You could also use absolute x and absolute y, but you'd have to shift the value. this is still basic vector math.

    make two global variable which you set after moving the camera

    // camera moving events go here //

    q3dmousex = q3d.camx+mouse.absoluteX-windowwidth/2

    q3dmousey = q3d.camy+mouse.absoluteY-windowheight/2

    //////////////////////////////////////////// any events that need the Q3D mouse position come after.

    if you only change the camera x and camera y position this will work, rotating the camera will require the vector math i was talking about, moving the camera will too.

    The Q3D.sprite does what it does... its quite self explanatory. Have you tried using it? It's just a billboard for 2D graphics in 3D. it doesn't make 2D graphics 3D, it displays 2D graphics in a way which allows them to be layered with 3D objects in the scene.

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