Q3D V-2.4 [3D Physics + Skeletal Animation UPDATE]

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  • you need to adjust the camera frustum width/height to change the "zoom", i'll add a change zoom feature though so its easier.

  • Almost have morph target animations up and running for next release, here a new demo of them in action using some quake assets :

    Morph animation demo

  • looks like a similar bug FF/IE have with the position "Inside" mode using videototexture, ill re-upload with "infront" so it works on modern browsers properly. the white textures are a problem FF has with loading in assets, you'll need to refresh a couple of times to get rid of them.

    Thanks for the report though, i'll see if i can find a work around to the implementation issues FF has with webgl... In general chrome / nodewebkit is the browser that this plugin is doing it's best to support, since the others aren't really as good at keeping up with the standards required, they'll get better with time however.

    HOWEVER you did help me find a nice little bug with the loader that parses sprite-sheets, so i fixed that for next version.

  • Morph animation demo optimized for newer touch devices (runs smoothly in chrome on nexus 5)

    Mobile Morph Demo

  • I can't open some of the .capxs they give an error, and when I try inserting the viewport object:

    Using latest version and r191.

    That sprite/billboard thing sounded cool too, nice work with the plugin, it seems a lot nicer now.

  • Its some bug with checked releases since i kinda used a hack to render transparency in the edittime, works fine in r-190 but i know whats causing it. Thanks!

  • I've been playing with this plugin a bit but I'm scratching my head at something I'd think is quite simple: I can import an OBJ and its accompanying MTL file that I exported from 3DS Max, but I can't seem to find a way to make the texture work. Then I see that it's better to import a JS file. Is it possible to use OBJs and MTLs together, or how do I go about turning my OBJ into a JS file?

  • QuaziGNRLnose I just happened to find out this plugin and looks really interesting. Is it easy to import models like OBJ or FBK or 3ds. I am also doing mobile gaming and I mostly build my games with Intel XDK Crosswalk will the performance be good as 2d games with mobile games??

    Also will the other plugins will work with this plugin such as I am using leadbolt plugin to integrate ads into my game.

    If all works great I will definetly buy this plugin without thinking

  • GeometriX

    Youll need touse one of these methods

    http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1588 ... del-loader

    I recommend the blender exporter. i dont want to get carried away with the number of importers so for now only .js is fully supported, ill leave it up to other programs to handle conversion.


    Its easy to import obj, but you should convert all files to a specific json format as mentioned above. Its not at all too difficult. as for the questions about crosswalk, im not sure if itll work as i have only tested extensively in browsers, however since crosswalk is basically chrome, and the plugin runs on my nexus 5 in chrome for android, so i think it'll work just fine. Test it and see:

    Mobile Morph Demo (double tap for fullscreen)

    The performance will vary depending on how much your trying to do, but its definitely slower than 2D by virtue of being 3D with way more to do in regard to rendering. It shouldnt break leadbolt ads but i havent tested since i do not own the plugins. I'm unaware of how they implement advertisements either so i can't make a guess as to if they'll work. As long as they don't modify the DOM they should, and if they do you have options to use which should allow the ads to display anyway with a small amount of work. Also note it requires webgl so it cant work on every phone. It also cannot be minified yet either do to some difficulties i have yet to work out.

    Overall this plugin is geared towards native/desktop browsing. Phones poorly support webgl so i havent invested a great deal of effort into testing on them, although you can try running one of the demos on your mobile (morph mobile demo) to see what performance is like in simple projects. XDK should work though since this demo runs fine in chrome for android, ill have to test it but i have no time atm.

  • QuaziGNRLnose Thank you so much for the info. The demo looks quite impressing! I might give it a try. At least do simple stuff not so many textures and maybe might work with mobiles let's see;)


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  • QuaziGNRLnose, I downloaded the realistic earth blend model from this link - http://www.blenderguru.com/tutorials/cr ... IabFzGUeSo . Then I exported the .js file using the threejs exporter.

    As you can see in the link above it had the following maps-


    Bump Map

    Specualarity Mask


    So I followed your version info.txt instructions and the Textured Model.capx. Since it didnt had Colormap, I took it same as DiffuseMap while naming it in the Animations. I renamed the Specularity Mask to SpecularMap. There is no normal map and environmental map used in this realistic earth link...

    I turned the Model Materials to Yes in the properties...When I use this .js file inside Construct2 with Q3D model, I get a blue colored sphere but with no textures etc... I even tried with Model Materials to No in the properties...Then I do not get anything...

    Could you tell me what am I missing here?

  • Model Materials is only for when you want to load the materials out of the file, if you're specifying textures within the animations "model materials : yes" will ignore them. You may not be exporting your model correctly / uvs might be broken. i can't tell you more without seeing the model file.

    EDIT, followed steps you took and there are no uvs generated for that model, seems to be your problem. If you have no UVs texturing the object results in it not being visible as there is nowhere for the texture to be applied to. Open up the file in a text editor and you will probably see somewhere "uvs" : [], which means there are none associated with the vertices.

    In any case, this model is a bunch of spheres with materials designed to be rendered from within blender. You should just create a sphere in blender and texture it yourself, it'd be easier.

  • Thanks for the clarification...

  • Would you mind to help me how to create skybox? I've made a 3D cube with texture inside, now it renders all dark and black, even light is inside, I couldn't figure out

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