Q3D V-2.4 [3D Physics + Skeletal Animation UPDATE]

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  • tumira

    Oops sorry guys! look like i left I.E as the default browser when i was testing examples! I.E. works on my system (Then new versions have surprisingly good webgl performance) but if it's not up to date it'll probably lead to errors you're seeing. no idea why. It should work in chrome or node-webkit. My best guess from the error is that the project is having objects compiled in a different order for you. it's a weird little bug but it'll take me a second to fix. A lot of these might pop up so let me know and i'll work them out.


    Thank you!

    spy84 You need to check your email from when you bought the plugin, and go to that download page using your account to download the new version, then install all the plugins in the .zip file. The examples wont work without the new stuff!


    Glad you're liking it

    to remove the shiny skin you need to remove the animation called "EnvironmentMap_ENVReflect" or at least rename it to something else. Read the changelog for more details on how texturing works.

    oh and about the animation, yea i want to get it in for the next update if possible. Everythings already in place for it so its not gonna be impossible / take as long.

    Going to bed now, i look forward to what you all make with this !

  • the 2D physics example which uses the new plugin with the construct physics behaviour has been exported and linked to on the first post if anyone wants to see it who doesn't have the plug

  • Oh wow, these are massive improvements! Nice going QuaziGNRLnose, you're really on the ball with delivering what people have asked for (and so much more). Setting up a simple 3D side-scrolling or top-down game is really easy now.

    Thanks for your hard work!

  • Doing some rudimentary tests with morphtargets, may be able to get an update in soon that supports them.

    skeletal animation is still a ways off though, requires careful planning to integrate bone control into the way constructs picking works.

  • Great Update QuaziGNRLnose !

    I have a suggestion, could you make default camera behaviors? Just like in Unity where there is a first person, third person and top down controller that can be set with a few simple button clicks. I know it would be a huge help to not only I, but others that would rather spend time on the actual game itself then to mess with the vector maths and setting up the camera to manipulate in the correct way for those modes. I find it not only useful for that reason, but most of the games being built with this plugin will use one of the three.

  • You ought to try doing it yourself cause you need vector maths for a whole lot more than moving the camera around. You'll have trouble moving your player around, aiming bullets, etc. if you don't wrap your head around the simple 3D vector calculations needed (they're extremely necessary for anything 3D). The most difficult component to implement, "a look at" function is already there for you to play around with, and makes third person/top down cameras incredibly easy. I won't make behaviors but i will make some example files explaining how to do different cameras when i have more free time, and people could copy paste the code if they don't want to be bothered learning how to do it. Hiding the math behind a behavior will just mean people will have seen less vector operations which they need for the rest of their game.

    If i do end up making behaviors it wont be any time soon, there's other features i'd like to implement first.

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  • Hey this is awesome. A few questions -

    1) I'm interested in 2.5D platformers. In order to make one, I think I would need a Q3D background, a 2D layer for the 2D characters, 2D collision objects, etc, another Q3D layer for the foreground, and another 2D layer for the UI. Is that possible and would that be a performance killer to render multiple 2D and 3D layers.

    2) In the changelist it says: "A resolution controlling mode has been added to the properties..." Does that mean there is a low quality scale mode? I would like to make a low resolution game that when scaled to full screen, the 3D objects would have the same pixel-scaled look as the 2D objects.


  • I was working on an example and noticed that the .Rx , .Ry, .Rz expressions aren't working as intended and returning radians instead of degrees, ill get around to fixing that guys, sorry! stuff slips by in such a big update.


    1) currently you can't have two Q3D instances at once per project (sadly), there's a good reason behind it but ill try to do something about it in the next update, it just doesn't work but it would be a performance killer if it did as you mentioned.

    HOWEVER you can totally make something 2.5D using Q3D alone by using textured planes as models and making the camera orthographic (or perspective and orienting the planes to look at the camera, which is relatively easy to do). Texture animations are supported on "models" for all supported texture types using the same kinds of actions as sprites with a bit of added complexity for managing different texture types, so you could animate the diffuse map and even easily implement Normal maps / Specular maps etc. to have real 3D lighting on your sprites. You could do some pretty cool stuff that is difficult to do in construct itself. The main caveat is that collision polygons aren't supported so everything uses bounding rects in collision tests. you could work around this by making 3D objects containers of sprites if you want the collision features of sprites though, so its not a huge obstacle.

    As a bonus you could have stuff layered with 3D stuff for something isometric using the Zbuffer and avoid all the headaches that make iso stuff hard.

    I do want to get a 2D sprite/billboard object into the next version that works identically to constructs sprites, with extra 3D features so that it can really live in the Q3D context yet work exactly like a sprite you're used to.

    2) That features always been there, you can scale it up and make it all pixelly. although the sampling will be linear unless you use the inside mode which renders to a texture inside construct.

  • new demo <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile"> the example will be available soon.

    https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/829 ... index.html

  • Sounds great, thanks for the answers!

  • microupdate (V2.1 uploaded onto the download link) contains some mini fixes which have been added to the changelog

  • QuaziGNRLnose Thanks for micro-update.

    I would like to ask you some questions

    1) I was thinking about WebGL shaders to apply on 3D models, actually is not supported due to limit about C2 editor, however I was thinking if we can load file glsl language script like crosshatch.fx and control variables using JSON to apply each 3D model, is that possible? like this http://www.ro.me/tech/hatching-glow-shader

    2) Can we have a official forum about Q3D examples and tutorials?

  • QuaziGNRLnose you ve done a GREAT JOB. the plug in is more friendly now i manage to load my models and control the camera easier now. the only thing i try to understand how the materials work. i export to js from blender via three.js addon, i import the model to the files folder so the jpg file. the object is there but i dont know how to add the material on it. if anyone has an example please upload it.

    Joannesalfa i think the official forum about q3d is vital. now its more usable than before so why not.

  • spy84

    there is an option under the properties group for materials called ""model materials", set this to yes and your imported materials will apply. if you have textures defined for those materials aswell you must put them in the files folder with the same name specified in the .js file.


    1) perhaps eventually, its way more complicated than it seems. for now you can apply layer effects using the inside mode though for similar fullscreen post processing.

    2)ill see what i can do

  • QuaziGNRLnose

    Hello, is this version any noob friendly, shall i buy it?

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