Q3D V-2.4 [3D Physics + Skeletal Animation UPDATE]

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    > > For the statement of UDK / Unity3D have a 3D Modeler, its not that true.

    > >

    > Who stated that?


    There's some basic level building plugins and other character morphing plugins, but yeah to make a full on 3D character you are going to need to build it in a 3D package and import it into C2/Q3D.

    unless you want to build a object like the tiny tank out of primitives.

    Thanks, but that's not what I meant. Spax was talking about a statement. But I couldn't find any statement here, that was saying anything like that.

  • QuaziGNRLnose May i suggest to release beta or dev updates for buyers? It's been a long time since the most of us bought this.

    Well i made a small update a week and a half after release, but im working on a bigger thing right now so i can't release it in a half finished state. It really depends what i'm working on, but whether its a small incremental feature or a big one i plan to update as soon as things are usable.

  • No, loading animations is not supported yet.

    I like your answer "yet" so it should be possible in near future .. ?

  • > No, loading animations is not supported yet.


    I like your answer "yet" so it should be possible in near future .. ?

    i plan for it to be available eventually, but i can't really say when.

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  • Dear QuaziGNRLnose,

    I have bought fast your plugin......

    i thank you a lot....now i have compiled with success your example app for desktop...without minify script.....ok.....perfect!!!

    I have also me too 2 request if you can.....

    1) as you can a 1-2-3 guide to start fast with your plug in........and......

    2) also an animations 3d support.....when you can.....ok....

    3) other example...to understand your plug-in when you can...

    but i have also another question.... in your demo tank example you have made the animations...like the wheels of your tank....Is it right?

    Best regards,


  • fasasoftware

    the three demo capx in the first post do give a really good start. I started with nearly no experience and got a good game up already (demo link in a previous post, which shows an early stage).

    Best way to learn this plugin is by working with it. Set up a basic layout (only one object), put an texture on it, move it around.

    You will learn the basics easily.

    For the Tank, I can even tell you without seeing the code. A lot of logic is involved in this. the tank is made up by several objects and each object is moved on his own (wheels = rotation).

    Good luck

  • animated objects are usually very big in filesize.

    having your object cut into smaller objects and each part animated by code is always the best option if possible

  • I thank you to everybody.....but.....

    can someone post a capx to show how to create an animation divided as you say in some sub animations....like the tank example???

    it will be very appriciate....a basic example.....please not complicated... if you can...

    thanks a lot again....

    best regards,


  • tulamide

    Maybe that statement was in an other thread, not sure. Anyway. Really nice bright future for Construct 2. I am a fanboi....

  • Any chance Google Cardboard can be supported? http://vr.chromeexperiments.com/

  • Any chance Google Cardboard can be supported? http://vr.chromeexperiments.com/

    multiple viewports/cameras are supported so you can already make it work.

  • If someone think is the time to this plugin, please let me know

    just look at this time,seems Inappropriate to use

  • Just bought it !!!!

    Hopefully i will support you with this buy.

    For questions , we ask here? With pm?

    What fits you better?

    Best regards


  • Michaelb feel free to ask here

  • Ok , great , thank you very much.

    I will try to get questions gathered today , and send them tonight or tomorrow.

    Thank you very very much for this plugin and support. INSTAND BUY from me

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