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  • Lydie

    Sent email.

    Check it.


  • Hey, thanks for your plugins !

    I have a question about the CordovaFacebook plugin tho : by the past I was using the C2 Facebook plugin and I could access my app without having to login to facebook (press the fb login button) each time I was starting it, but with your plugin, it looks like that once you refresh the page, you have to click the fb login button again because you are not loggined anymore :/ weird, is it normal? will it act differently on iOS when it will be compiled ?

    Thanks in advance !

  • "Solved". I've found a workaround.

    It's an issue of XDK. Even with the additions.xml file correctly edited from the beginning (new xdk project), the first time I press BUILD button it generates the same error creating android, crosswalk, ios, windows8 default files (so they didn't work). With this, what I did was to delete manually those runtime generated files and pressed Build button again... this time it worked and XDK created the right configurations files for every type of export (android, crosswalk, ios & windows8... and of course together with the build I was waiting for.

    Bro, GOD BLESS YOU!!!! You don't know how the Intel XDK got me bumping my head with that error !!! Thank you, thank you AND Thank you!!!!

  • GamerGon : thanks for the workaround, I needed that. <-- will Intel fix this?

    I bought the package from Cranberry and it works great! (the documentation is not as good as the manual from Scirra, but in the end it worked)

    But what if cranberrygame stops with the updates and plugins now or in the C3 era...? A scary thought.

  • mumu64

    Yeah, I'm affraid of the day that cranberrygame will no longer support his plugins :S :S

    I don't even want to imagine it!!

    Thanks for your work

  • [quote:3gjaixl5]cranberrygame

    I bought a complete package of plug-ins.

    on the forum plus.google.com/102658703990850 ... QceTB8MGfs

    I look forward to

  • serikadgan great!

    Awesome plugins ^^

  • A question about the "game" plugin, from Cranberry, in which you can display google game service achievements:

    when I display the achievements or score, everything works fine. But when I go back (leave that google game service screen), the game display freezes, the sounds continue.

    Does anyone recognize this problem?

    cranberrygame perhaps?

  • Iolva

    Hi, lolva

    I need to make income, but plugin making gives very little income currently.

    So I emailed Ashley whether we can help each other or not to support cordova plugins better.


    Sang Ki Kwon

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  • Great news! I hope you will help on the plugin side and Ashley will help with the polish. (Some of the actions in your plugins don't have descriptions)

  • DonRIF & mumu64 you're welcome guys. "Glad" to see that I wasn't the only one suffereing with that...

    cranberrygame is there a difference between your bought plugins vs free plugins downloaded from http://cranberrygame.github.io/?referrer=c2forum and how to get a license for de VideoUnityAds plugin? it says in the property that I need a license or pay 2% from the income. It's not very clear. Thank you!

  • I hope Ashley hear what you write to him! Cordova is the future!

  • Have the Bluetooth and NFC plugins?

  • Hi cranberrygame, great work on these plugins.

    I'd like to try the Power Management plugin, as I need to keep the phone awake for certain sections of my app. Does it work on both Android and iOS, and what about Windows?

    Also, do you have a direct link for it. I tried the link in your first post and looked through all of the available options/plugins. But I couldn't see the power management plugin anywhere. Is it part of a larger plugin, or have I just missed it?


  • cranberrygame

    I've been using phonegap plugin to access leaderboard for my android games. However in the latest game it keeps showing unknown error when trying to login. I am using the same events and codes from the previous games so I have no idea what went wrong. All the games are signed and exported using intel XDK with Cordova.

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