[Plugin] Windows Phone Updated - New Tutorial!

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  • Its 8.1

  • DARTH Crusher


    If so, You can use html5 ad

    Use LeadboltBannerJS

  • fuekan

    within the windows phone plugin folder, there is a plugin folder. take the contents of that and put it in the windows phone plugin folder.


  • thehen

    Does this plugin work for Windows 8.1 Universal Apps?? I am currently facing issues with Audio.

    Here is the complete description, I have included a CAPX too.


    EDIT: cannot post URLs yet

    My thread is created in the Construct 2->Bugs section

  • thehen, I currently only have VS2103. But I have exported the C2 project using Windows Phone 8.0 (VS2012) .

    Will opening and running the on VS2013 cause any issues? When running on the Emulator the game doesnt go past the Loading screen. It freeze/stops at about 70%

    I get this error message in teh Debugger:

    'The thread 0xb10 has exited with code 259 (0x103)."

    Edit 2: my Game works perfectly when I load it into my Device (Lumia 720.. WP8.1). Also loads properly on any WP 8.1 emulator.

    The freezing happens whenever I select non WP8.1 emulator

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  • I have a problem with Cranberrygame`s LeadboltBannerJS plugin with windows 8.1. It worked at visual studio 2012 and win 8 but at VS2013 it don´t work.

    a message from VS say:

    Error 6 App manifest contains invalid content URI rule 'http://ad.leadboltads.net/show_app_ad.js?section_id="+section_id+"'. The rule must begin with 'https://' if a scheme is present.

    I tried change for https at content URls in VS panel, this work but only shows a white banner...obvious.

    I believe is not a fault from your plugin , but do you have any solution, or it just don´t work at win 8.1?

  • Ashley looks like the author of this Plugin is not active on this forum anymore

    Its sad that we have to depend on a Plugin to make our game work on WP8 and WP8.1. And its not even perfect, the game doesnt work on WP8 Emulators. Works fine on WP8.1 emulators! After exporting the App to my device, there is a constant clicking sound coming from the phone. The sound appears even when the Phone volume is set to zero.

    Those thing apart, do you think you will be able integrate some of these features in Construct2 by default?

    Features like,

    1. Audio Performance improvements (i guess thehen uses Media Player)

    2) IAP

    3) Vibrate

    4) Handling Windows Back button

    It would be really great if we have some of this features built into C2. Exporting the Project should take care of the items that the plugin is doing.

    I have bought the Personal License with dreams of making games, and all these issues are starting to scare me

    Please help!

  • You should not use this plugin any more. Use our official universal exporter for WP8.1+. It should support all of those features. The HTML5 support is so far better with the WP8.1 update that it's probably not worth the extra hassle getting WP8.0 support.

  • You should not use this plugin any more. Use our official universal exporter for WP8.1+. It should support all of those features. The HTML5 support is so far better with the WP8.1 update that it's probably not worth the extra hassle getting WP8.0 support.

    Thank You Ashley for always taking time to respond to queries

    This is one of the main reason that gave me the confidence to buy a Construct 2 license!!

    Honestly I gave up on this Plugin and wanted to switch back to WP8.1+. The only reason I went back was because of the fact that WP8.1 has no option to show Ads, and the audio performance is still bad (We previously spoke about this in on the Bugs section )

    From your experience(or hearing from other C2 developers) is it worth only having Ads on Windows 8.1 app and leaving the WP 8.1 app Ad less?

    Also, can someone please write (or point to) a article on implementing IAP, handling Back Button , Suspend and other important features for 8.1?

  • Pub Center support is in the next build, but even Microsoft don't appear to support it on WP8.1 yet, so I'm not sure what to do about that.

    IAP, back button, and suspend should work identically to other platforms. I'm not sure what other information you're looking for.

  • Ashley, I saw your response to use the Windows Phone export from within Construct, but I'm having the same issue as where there is no sound. I was exporting to Windows Phone 8 and retargeting for 8.1.

    Should the Universal Export be used instead?

    Also do you guys have access to WP devices?

  • sbucci

    I think you should try Universal app as it has got better WebGL support and MS is continuously improving the 8.1 OS.

    Inititally I had lot of issues with my game (sound not playing, game crashing)

    I solved the crashing issue by using the "Audio - > Is Tag Playing" condition. I play a set of audio files only its its not already playing. I found that playing too many similar files at once causes the App to crash.

    For No sound issue, try using a .WAV format instead of the .M4A format

  • SamRock Browser suspend and review events were fixed in the latest beta.

    Ashley I am a bit confused about your comment about PubCenter not being supported by WP8.1 yet. It looks like they do to me => http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/advertising-windows-pubcenter(v=msads.10).aspx

    Can you point me to where you found that information?

  • TheWyrm Thanks for pointing me to the new beta release!

    Regarding the PubCenter, MS currently support AD SDK for HTML5/JS apps only on the Windows 8.1 Apps. Windows Phone 8.1 still has no Ad support if the project is made with HTML5/JS.

    Here read this for detailed information:


    Ashley, would it be possible to enable URL posting for people who have bought the Construct 2 license?? I bought C2 but still cant reach the 500 point requirement to post URL.

  • Ok, thanks. I'm not sure what Ashley can do about it then either. Since it sounds like they are either still working on it since it was last mentioned in April or quietly dropped it. Kind of sucky

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